2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams

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Up and running with the sticky. Thx Preppy/Diek. :china:

Firstly feel free to talk about anything regarding hard results based tiers or just competitive play between the characters in general based on potential/theory. That's essentially how we're going to have to make the final tier list any way since more than half the cast still isn't used regularly competitively. We most likely won't be able to unlock all the characters have to offer for a long time. Which means if you have something to input that could shed insight to the future potential of a character that doesn't wear sunglasses and/or a trenchcoat...feel free.

This thread is made to replace the old tier thread with a title that better suggests what we are doing in this thread. One which is namely to agree on a hard tier list. For now I will just list the tier lists of some of the more respected players that post here and then the hard list will go up later.

Second is embrace discussing what has and what possibly can happen based on the potential of each of the characters. Some characters are obvious higher tier based on results (Wesker, Wolvie), others are doing better with results than the actual potential of the character (Iron Fist), others are still dominating assists (Akuma) etc.
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Chrisis' Current 2013 Tier List

How to read tier chart
VERTICALLY = The strength of the character as far as...

1.Their ability to convert things off normals, normal ground throws, normal air throws and projectiles into combos in ratio to...

2. How many ways they can keep you from putting them in a combo once they get going. Which can be some or all of things including abuse of OS normal ground/air throws that can convert into full combos, normals with disjointed hit boxes, projectiles that flood up the screen, the ability to activate moves that nullify hit stun for the character (Sent/Hulk super armor, Viper's hyper armor focus) and invincible/projectile invincible reversals, normals, specials or supers

3. How little meter/resource is required for the first two to happen in ratio to how much more more difficult it gets for the opponent to win once said character attains a lot of meter.

4. The lack of "special requirements" needed to enact 95 percent or more of the strength of the character. If the character is on the screen with an assist or 2 + a meter should be all that is needed for the opponent to instantly be in a trouble position against the character

5. The amount and variety of angles of safe movement options the character has. This includes their ability to safely move towards and away from the opponent on the ground AND more importantly...towards and away from the opponent IN THE AIR. Some characters like Dante and Vergil get these improved further when they activate specific supers).

Overall of how many ways they can convert off attacks or throws, the strength of their normals and/or projectiles for occupying space or covering their offense, the speed and ability to transition in multiple directions during their ground and aerial movement safely, and the amount of reversal or flood clearance type moves they have for reversing the oppressive offensive/zoning based options. All while using one meter or less. Which then the character should only get more oppressive with more meters attached. Plus the lack of special requirements needed to make their neutral powerful.

HORIZONTALLY = The amount the character can potentially help your other members of your team by adding that character to the team. Also generally how well their assists, TAC combos and supers augment the power of the vertical portion of the chart.

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