WTS/WTT: Dualmodded R1 TE, Kitty Modded MvC2 TE, and MC360 Custom stick

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Hey guys I have too many sticks and thought I'd let some go to free up some funds or trade for a 360 VS stick.

Dualmodded R1 TE $140 shipped - pending
  • 360 TE dual modded with chimp
  • stick PCB is the original Spark by Toodles

Kitty modded MvC2 TE $200 shipped
  • 360 MvC2 edition TE Kitty modded
  • Black Neutrik RJ45 jack in place of Select button

Multi Console + 360 custom stick SOLD!
  • Wooden case is Bewlix round 1 by b15sdm
  • PCB set up is MC Cthulhu + Imp v1 + 360 fightpad with RJ45 out
  • 8 button vewlix + start/select/home up top
  • All buttons are screw in Sanwa's + Sanwa JLF
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