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    Emil said:
    and Jyobin can suck it , he pulls some amazing shit from time to time but fuck that guy !!! Jyobin is a retard !!! why the fuck is he even famous ??? i have better ryu's in my friend list

    Jyobin is thinking on many levels ahead of the opponent it seems. He kind of reminds me of poongko, and people laughed at me when Poongko was relatively unknown and I was saying he was a genius. Jyobin is probably lower level than Poongko but their train of thought is similar.

    Jyobin is just an incredible troll. He plays Ryu like he NEEDS to take risks and ends up getting punished more often than not, whereas Poongko plays a character that actually NEEDS to take risks to do well. If you watch some of Poongko's recent matches you'll find that he plays a significantly more passive than he did a year or two ago.
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    The ones I know for sure:

    Hakan: Infiltration
    Breno Fighters
    Guile: Dieminion
    Ryu: Daigo
    Rufus: Ricky Ortiz
    Sakura: Human Bomb
    Fei Long: Fuudo
    Balrog: PR Rog (retired as Rog)
    Makoto: Heitani
    Dan: Ixion ( STRIPFIGHTER IV disappeared)
    Viper: Lattif
    Ken: Kichijojiken

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