[Jan 28, 2013] Marvel Mondays (and all other games casuals) (San Diego)

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Come join San Diego, CA's finest players as they battle it out each week on stream for the world to see.
Doors open at 6pm, Tournament starts at 7pm
  • Casuals in ALL GAMES (UMvC3, AE, P4a, TTT2, KOF, w/e people bring) are FREE
  • Tournament is $5 (3 to the pot, 2 to the venue fee)
  • Winners, Top 3, 70/20/10%
  • PS3 (Bring your own controller/fightstick)
  • Are allowed, please clean up after yourself. Drinks will be on sale as well.
Who is welcome:
  • Everyone! Please be courteous, treat the venue as you would a friend's home, clean up after yourself, respect the property.
Perks of coming out to play in person:
  • The SD scene is extremely nice, just introduce yourself, ask for tips, pointers, almost anyone will be willing to help you out
  • Make new friends; we're all family out here.
  • We have an in-house fight stick modder, more details will come as we get him permanently situated
  • Watching matches in person with a crowd is far more fun ;)
  • We will have prizes/give aways for beginner players once we are situated (check facebook/twitter for updates)
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