What's the trolliest thing to do in this game?

ilitiritilitirit Joined: Posts: 6,399
I'm gonna be entering MK9 ranbats soon but I don't really have time to learn this game before the first round-robin session. So naturally I want my first performance to be as trolly and annoying as possible.

Suggestions please.


  • QuantumPrime_QuantumPrime_ NO MEAT BUNS, NO LIFE! Joined: Posts: 49
    Try playing as Noob Saibot
  • axiaxi Joined: Posts: 206
    Try playing as Noob Saibot
    This. My friend only plays as Noob.

    Also, I dont know if this will work well or not but it'd be funny.

    Scorpion: Chain, Grapple, Repeat.

    Stab, throw, chain grapple, stab throw chain grapple. its so fun to watch..
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