A Question on inputs(canceling specials from several lights)

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Got this problem I reallt would like some advice on concerning timing/input in SSF4AE (with Ryu)

It's whenever I want to cancel into a special move after 2 light-links, let's say a cr.lk > cr.lp > DP, I never nail the DP
putting a DP after a single cr.lp is no problems, plinking a cr.mk after the cr.lp is not a big deal either ..

Got no problems with specials after let's say cr.mp > cr.mp > cr.mk > HadokenJust those damn light attacks, even a cr.mp >cr.mp > DP FADC Ultra 1 is easier -_-
Anyways if you have any tips on how I can improve in that area I would be most grateful

ps. DP FADC Ultra 1 is easier from the rightside than the left side, is this a question of how I am holding the stick or am I just not relaxed enough(Always FADC Backwards when doing it from the left side!)

Have a great day!
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    There's two ways to combo moves into each other - cancels and links.

    In a link, you let a move complete fully, it leaves the opponent in hitstun for, say, 5 frames more than it takes you to recover. So if you can connect another move within those five frames, there's nothing the opponent can do about it. It's a combo. Link combos tend to require a lot of precision in this game - oftentimes you only have a single frame of time to connect the move as a combo. One example is Ryu's cr.mp, cr.hk combo - the punch leaves you at +5, the sweep's first active frame is the fifth. Possible, but hard.

    The second way to combo is the cancel. As the name implies, you start a move, and if that move hits or is blocked, you can cancel it midway to do another move. A standard Ryu example is the cr.mk xx fireball cancel. It combos because you cancel away the recovery part of the kick, so the fireball comes out much faster.
    Typically, normals can be canceled into special moves and supers and special moves can be cancelled into a focus attack (which then can be canceled into a dash. FADC = Focus Attack Dash Cancel).

    Some normals have the property of being able to be canceled by not only into special moves, but also into other normals. This is typically a property of light punches and kicks, and is called chaining. Spam cr.lp, you notice the punches coming out at lightning speed and comboing with ease. You're canceling the jabs as soon as they become active. Chains are easy and effective, but have one downside: If I chain two jabs together, I cannot cancel the second jab into a special move. The last jab of the series has to be linked. So this does not work: cr.lp xx cr.lp xx cr.lp xx fireball. However, if you link the last jab: cr.lp xx cr.lp, cr.lp xx fireball, it works because the linked jab is special cancelable.

    But yeah, if you are not stumbling onto the special cancelability issue, it's just links being very strict.
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    Thanks alot for the reply Komatik! this explains the issue perfectly, time to practice linking lp's!

    Have a wonderful day sir!
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    ps. DP FADC Ultra 1 is easier from the rightside than the left side, is this a question of how I am holding the stick or am I just not relaxed enough(Always FADC Backwards when doing it from the left side!)

    I don't know how long you've been playing but it is common, especially early on, for players to develop a dominant side of play. When I first started playing I was better when facing right, then a few months later I was better facing left, then after about 6 months I settled into being equally effective on both sides.

    I don't imagine you're doing anything "wrong," just make sure to get lots of practice on the side you aren't good with. If you find yourself trying to jump over opponents to get on your favored side then that's a good time to start forcing yourself to get used to it.

    Good luck!
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    Dont link the cr.lp, that works but is bad habit.
    Chain cancel the cr.lp into cr.lp as before, so you have the tight blockstring, then LINK the shoryuken after it.

    cr.lp gives +5 on hit, Shoryuken is 3 frames startup so it is an easy 3 frame link (but you cant plink it).

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