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hi im new here, but im not really new at fighting games , iv been playing arcade games since i was 5 mostly fighting (mk ,sf, crossovers, kof , gg,bb n more) and shooters (not fps , airplane ones, and those alike metal slug n more) .
i always had an american stick to play with wich i find pretty easy to use.
my question are the fallowing.
is there a good fighting stick for ps3 that has an american stick ?
wich is the best arcade stick (not wich you reccomend or like the most the one that is actually rated as the best)?
wich arcade stick do you reccomend?
does price matter when buying a good arcade stick?
sanwa parts are the best if im not mistaken, but is there an sanwa american style joystick?
what is the best american joystick in the market , i heard happ joysticks are great.
all the question asked are for ps3/pc i dont own an xbox.
also is there a way to swap a japanese joystick without modding the whole system to put in an american style one ? thanks since now.
and finally i have a budget of 150 dollars , i liked how the real pro v3 sa looks , not sure if its the best but iv seen it go for 200 is it worth the 200? or should i buy a cheaper one ?


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