Tips for grinding online without getting Salty

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Any tips? I try to keep my cool and just play online for practice but when I get a loss or two from some shit most wouldn't dare try offline I get the inclination to quit. What do you guys do to stay calm and keep playing?


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    I drink.
    Like alot.

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    Play offline. And don't be a Crying Bryan.
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    Play offline with friends.
    Play online with friends.

    Give yourself a set amount of "actual matches" a night. Perhaps do an hour of endless, and then give yourself 10 matches of ranked.

    Or just avoid ranked because people are there for points, not really for bettering themselves most times.

    But find some local friends, or at least some friends with good ping. It gets a lot better when you can discuss what happened with someone who isn't a dick.
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    people play dickish in offline sessions too. check your ego and your emotions. if you can't handle the stress of video games see a therapist
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    Crying bryan haha.

    Typical FGC responses as per usual I get it though. Thanks for the input (Gordon) I guess I was looking for more then "suck it up".
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    substance abuse
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    Seriously though, get stupid drunk and play fuerte.

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    Just wondering, but how would you define
    some shit most wouldn't dare try offline
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    dont lose
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    i personally play ranked just bcuz i dont feel like waiting in an endless lobby (except for PxG Live Stream lobby, but even then not rly)
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    ^Just create a 2 person lobby, you usually don't have to wait very long to get someone to play you, and afterwards you can rematch him right away
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    Look at online as a learning experience. Do the things that they "dare not do offline" occur in specific situations? Are their actions based on low health desperation? What can you do with spacing/baiting to counter these wild card maneuvers?

    I constantly pull wake-up h.srk's with ken when I'm against an opponent who is bent on pressuring wake-up. Safe? No. Effective? Sometimes. I will agree that when someone's tourney life is on the line, they probably won't take such reckless risks, but that's exactly why you should study and be prepared for them; they know you're not expecting it. One of my buddies knows this is my current MO and will pressure the first knockdown, then bait the wake-up if he gets me again.

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    remember most of us play steet figher/video games as a form of recreation.. i believe i'm a solid "C+" evil ryu player that's reached a "B" rank 3 just times.. that said, i can't hold onto a "B" rank to save my life!! try to take the emotional aspect out of online play & let yourself have fun just competing.. a legit commitment to "training mode" is helpful.. as in working on things you don't do well & not things you already do..
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    My advice is simple

    1. Dont play to win. play to improve. If you play to win you will lose to people you could probably beat in a FT10 and get frustrated. similarly you will beat people that will fuck you up in a FT10 occasionally and inflate your ego.

    2. Ignore ranking. you dont know how good someone is based on rank. they could be grinding on that 1 char all day or playing a random char for fun. treat everyone seriously.

    3. [SF4 exclusive] Assume everyone is smart/stupid when you play them. when you are frame trapping/doing oki be safe at first to test if they mash and then test the more "intelligent/advanced" setups 
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