"Marvel Time" and other non-standard game clocks

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Something I've recently been wondering is why did game companies ever decide to use non-standard increments of time for the in-game clock. For example, 1 in-game second in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and perhaps other entries in the Versus series as well; I'm not sure) takes about 2 real world seconds to pass, or 1 second in Super Street Fighter II Turbo takes maybe half or a third as long as a real world second.

I can understand why older CPS II games use faster in-game clocks. Back then, to get the "turbo" speeds for their games, they accelerated the clock speed of the board itself which caused the in-game clocks to run fast as well. But why would Capcom for instance use weird increments of time in modern games such as Marvel 3? Why not set the clock to 180 seconds or whatever 99 seconds in Marvel time equates to? I'm curious if there's an actual design reason or if they decided to do that simply because of tradition's sake. I'm sure there are other developers out there too who do this, so if there's anyone who can share any insight, that would be great info to have.


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