Team based games: carry-over between games

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simple question.

I just started fighters a half year ago and the only games i play are sf4 and "sfxt" (i suck at that). I could see myself getting into KOF,UMvC3 and Skullgirls as they are somewhat similar but the main question i have is...

My assumpion
2d games help fundamentals in other 2d games
3d games help fundamentals in other 3d games
Team based games help fundamentals in team based games.

In terms of team based game are the mechanics of skullgirls and mvc3 in any way similar?
They are the 2 games i want to think about getting into outside of SF4 and SFxT.

Thanks for the help

Note: Team games like KOF are different to me as you can assist in mcv3 and skullgirls (i believe) but not in kof.
2nd note: as much as people here love anime fighters i dont care for games that are not: mainstream+have an online scene. As i dont have all day to learn all the fighters out there, i would like to stick to the games that have an online scene as michigan isnt the greatest area for tourneys that i dont need to fly/drive to. 
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    My best advice would be to try them all and see which mechanics you are comfortable with. Team games get a little tricky because you have to learn multiple characters but not all games are the same when it comes to when you can switch or what you can do while switching.
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