Last SG@Evo donation drive, Thursday Jan 31st!

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At this point, it's a secret to everybody. Donate to breast cancer and help Skullgirls get into the lineup at Evolution 2013!
Donation link:
Running totals link:

Important info:
- January 31st, starting sometime between 6-8 PM PST (depends on traffic, go LA) and continuing until the CONTEST ENDS, at midnight.
- Streamed on
- Highlights will include: raffling off the Skullgirls Sketchbook signed by all the VAs/me/Alex; more art requests; and me wearing the kilt I promised I'd wear since we were ahead at the end of the last drive! BUT....
- There will again be Surprises with a capital S. Be sure you washed the socks you wore last week.
- So far we have $0 $100 $450 $500 $1000 $1500 pledged for matching donations made during this new drive. (If you'd like to pledge matching funds, which I can hardly believe since we already did this once, PM me or email
- The drive will be held at Frootsii in Sherman Oaks...if you come to Salty Cupcakes, COME TO THIS! (Sorry to you dudes that live in Victorville...)

Let's make sure this gets publicized even more everywhere-er than last week's!

- The SG team counts as "publishers" so unfortunately we can't directly donate, but we can damn sure support the community.
- It might be streamed from my toaster if I can't get ahold of a better laptop again. >.<

**This thread IS NOT for discussion of / whining about the current standings, there's another thread for that...useful comments and info only, please. There is a ban-happy duck standing by to enforce this.**
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