2013 The year of the arcade stick

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So I came late to Umvc3 actually missed the drop of the game entirely, but I am here now. I was a avid arcade player a decade ago getting my but kicked in games like x men vs street fighter and marvel vs capcom 1 & 2. The arcade scene unfortunately died in my town and I was forced to turn to consoles for my beloved fighting games. For 10 long years I played on this soulless controller pad, but no more for as of last Friday I now play on a arcade stick. It was like Christmas when the Ups guy showed up with the box that undoubtedly held my new arcade stick, no on second thought it was better then Christmas I loved it before I even opened the box and love it even more after practicing on it for two days. I find that interesting that practicing moves and combos on my arcade stick is as much fun as actually playing the game on pad, maybe more fun. Maybe people can't understand, but to me this is a really epic thing and I wanted to have a memory of that epicness so I made this video/slideshow
to try to capture the moment its my first shot at anything like it and the footage is from a cell phone so please excuse the quality.
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