Reach for the Skies! Skullgirls Donation Bounty Thread

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Welcome to the Skullgirls Bounty Thread, ladies and gentlemen. Here you'll find a lot of who-the-hell knows tasks for hire, all with some damn good pay... because you can't put a price on saving breasts everywhere.

No clue where I'm going with this? Q&A time.


Q: Okay, what the hell are Bounties?
A: This is something I 'thought up' from observing Smashboards earlier(imitation is the most sincere form of flattery) and IMO, a good way to help keep the donation money going all the way up to Thursday when everyone knows the big guns will be rolling in.

Bounties are simple: You post a task-any task-with a $$$ reward, and if someone completes it, the reward is you donating that $$$ to breast cancer research on behalf of Skullgirls.

Make the bounty posts in this thread. Be very clear what you want someone else to do, and be very clear how much money you plan on offering. I will log this information and add it to the OP multiple times a day.

You can make the task as hard as you want(no illegal crap or breaking the ToS), and offer as much money as you want. But if you're just playing around or you don't pay up when someone fairly meets your terms, expect to get shitlisted. The reverse is true too: if you offer to meet a bounty and it's found that you're having a joke at everyone's expense, don't expect you can get away with a repeat performance. (full disclosure: I am no mod, but I expect the community response--including mods--to be swift and terminal.)

Some example bounties:

"I'm putting up $100. Donate $50 to Skullgirls and show me the receipt."

"$30 if someone can teach me how to pushblock-cancel in Skullgirls."

"$200 to whoever can take me down in a FT5."

Q: There are a bunch of other donation drive events going on this week. Why this thread?

A: Why not?

To be a little more serious, part of the reason why I'm making this thread is that not everyone has the time to be around during donation events or follow them. Part of it is to give some incentive to donating in general, and to let people who are on the fence about giving away their money get something extra out of it.

Q: Sweet, so how do I claim a bounty someone's posted?
A: Quote the bounty post, and say that you're taking it in this thread. The person holding the bounty has the right to refuse, but I will consider the bounty as claimed by you unless the bounty-holder actually makes a post expressing their refusal. If it looks like a bounty-holder is abusing this right to fool around, or if someone is spam-claiming bounties with no intention to do anything with them... you know the drill. Contact the bounty-holder by PM after you've made a claim. If you need to use some other method of conversation than PMs for whatever reason, you can share contact info in this thread.

Some bounties would be annoying to 'claim' by their nature, so if you want the bounty to be open to whoever gets in contact with you instead of 1-guy claims, just say so when you post the bounty.

Q: Okay, so someone completed my Bounty. What now?
A: If the person claiming your bounty has met your terms, then you donate the promised money to breast cancer. Take a screenshot of your donation receipt and post it in this thread(including the timestamp), saying that your bounty has been met. If the person who claimed your bounty did so in a way that used visual proof(like donation-matching receipts), feel free to post that proof as well.

I will be keeping track of bounties in this thread to the best of my ability until the donation drive ends on Thursday. I will be logging open bounties, claimed bounties, a shitlist(please don't make me actually have to do this), completed bounties, total money raised for Skullgirls!breast cancer from bounties, and the top 5 bounty hunters, by total value of the bounties they've completed and gotten others to complete. (If a bounty was money-matching, I will only count the value of the bounty itself towards the total for either participant. I will count the extra money towards total money raised, however.)

That leads me to one final question, though nobody should really be asking it...

Q: Donating or doing stuff for breast cancer is great and all, but what's in it for ME?
A: When the donation drive ends, I will be giving the top bounty hunter a custom arcade stick with some unique Skullgirls artwork provided by the artists here:

I'll be commissioning the artwork based on the winner's preferences, as well as giving them the option of what internals(Sanwa/Seimitsu/etc) to use. The PCB will be a PS360+, and it will come with a default USB cable(PC/360/PS3) as well as as a Dreamcast cable. The body will likely be a modded Madcatz TE, though I'm also looking into the cheaper custom frames. Expect at least 1.5 months minimum for the stick to be assembled and sent to you; longer, if I end up getting a custom frame.

(If the winner isn't interested in an arcade stick, we can discuss an alternate reward.)

Second place will receive a poster of Skullgirls artwork provided by ravvlet(digital and a physical copy mailed to them).

Third place will will receive some Skullgirls artwork provided by Misty-Skye(digital-only).


Now that you know the rules, get to work! Thursday is right around the corner!

(Next post I make will have standings and current bounty information)

EDIT(1/30/2013): Originally, the top 3 were supposed to be ordered just by who put the most money/total effort towards breast cancer, meaning both people who create bounties and people who complete them. But since I've been getting complaints over putting them both in the same boat and using the term 'bounty hunter' to refer to both of them, I've decided to split them up. This effectively doubles the prize pool, and eats up the rest of the money I planned to donate. Don't make me regret doing this!

People who put up bounties and get them successfully completed will be referred to as Bounty-Givers, and they will now have their own standings in the second post. They will get the same 1st/2nd/3rd place rewards as Bounty Hunters! I haven't decided if the artists will be different for the lone art commissions, but the 1st place stick art commissions will very likely be from different artists, so look forward to it!

The deadline to submit a bounty is Thursday, 12PM PST. (2AM CST)

The deadline to complete a claimed bounty is Saturday, 10PM PST. (12PM CST)



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