WTS: A bunch of different stuff! Including Lamp360!

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I'll be using this thread to sell different types of pre-modded items and other various things. All prices do not include shipping.

If there is a controller that you don't see listed and would like it usb modded w/ internal thumbdrive, contact me and I most likely could make you one.

USB NES controller w/ 1gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB SNES controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB N64 controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

USB Genesis controller w/ 8gig internal thumbdrive: $80

Gamecube pad converted into a Wii Classic Controller (wiimote not included): $60

Gamecube to WiiMote Converter w/ sleeve (GC pad and Wiimote not included) [0 in stock]: $30

[SOLD, can build others on request] Halo Lamp360. USB ports are usable for charging phones: $80

Multi-Console modded Frankenpad. All pcbs are inside the Frankenpad and not in a seperate project box like the original ones are. Comes with usb cable for ps3/360/pc use: $200

Multi-Console modded Round 1 TE using PS360+. Comes with usb cable for ps3/360/pc use. Keychain and the stick's box included: $200

360 R2 TE metal panels (2 in stock): $20

Button Keychains. (buttons included are MadCatz buttons from Brawl Sticks): $7
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