Daily Show: Daily Blast Season 4!! Submit Clips!!

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Continuing on from Seasons 1 and 2,[ http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/sfxt-daily-clips-upload-submit-clips-if-interested.170121/ ] and now that ver. 2013 is out, it's time to start up the show again. Same rules apply; send in clips, recorded in any way as long as it comes out good and I'll give it a watch for awesome stuff and put it in a future episode of the show. This can be combos, hype moments, random funny stuff, anything good basically. I'm hoping we can get more contributions for this season as SFxT is experiencing a resurgence, so please help me out with this show!! I'll still continue to find awesome clips on my own regardless, so tune in to my channel and sub to see when they're uploaded, I'll also post them here each day.

We're now on Season 4, so continue to help me out!!
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