Best community for each character? (NorCal, TX, Japan, etc.)

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Okay, so I've heard a few things I would like to hear in greater detail. I've heard Texas called the "Zero Army" and the East Coast considered the home of lame play. Then you have crazy fools like Mamespider and ABGEN that seem to come out of Japan with oddball shit.

This begs the question: Is there a primary region for every character? If not every character, then who are our "homeless" characters on the roster?
  • Strange: Japan?
  • GR: lol
  • Hawkeye:
  • IF: lol
  • Nova:
  • RR: Japan?
  • Cap: Socal/Mexico?
  • Deadpool:
  • Dorm: East Coast?
  • Hulk: East Coast
  • Magneto: ???
  • MODOK:
  • Phoenix:
  • Sentinel:
  • She-Hulk:
  • Spider-Man: Japan?
  • Storm: East Coast?
  • Skrull: East Coast?
  • Task: Mexico?
  • Thor:
  • Wolverine:
  • X-23:
  • Shuma: lol (England?)
  • Firebrand:
  • Frank:
  • Nemesis:
  • Wright: ?
  • Strider: Norcal
  • Vergil: Norcal/JAPAAAAN
  • Akuma:
  • Ammy:
  • Arthur:
  • Chris:
  • Chun:
  • Viper: Norcal
  • Dante: Norcal/Socal?
  • Felicia:
  • Haggar: East Coast
  • Hsien-Ko: lol
  • Morrigan: East Coast
  • Ryu: East Coast?
  • Spencer: Socal
  • Trish: Canada?
  • Tron:
  • Joe: Japan?
  • Wesker: Socal/Mexico?
  • Zero: Texas
  • Jill: wtf is a "Jill"?


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    Norcal - Vergil
    Socal - Spencer
    Texas - Zero
    Mexico - Taskmaster
    NY - Can't think of a specific character. Maybe Morrigan.

    Everywhere - Doom
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    mamespiders spiderman is ass
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    shuma goes to England I think because there is only like 2 people playing him
    phoenix wright goes to texas because of (I forgot his name he uses wright hulk doom)
    haggar I'd actually say England
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    Norcal - Vergil
    Socal - Spencer
    Texas - Zero
    Mexico - Taskmaster
    NY - Can't think of a specific character. Maybe Morrigan.

    Everywhere - Doom

    New York- Magneto
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    Canada- Trish, shuma
    New york - Haggar
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    phoenix wright goes to texas because of (I forgot his name he uses wright hulk doom)

    That would be Poltergust.

    Texas is definitely Zero country. I love it here.
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    Norcal is probably the only area where Viper is somewhat popular/in abundance. There's a lot of less seen Vipers there running the Viper/Vergil/Strider, Viper/Dante/Strider or Viper/Doom/Strider.
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    Mexico and South America really seem to like their anchor Weskers.
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    EC is definitely the land of Big Bodies. There's like six notable Haggar players and three notable Hulks in NY alone (not including the more unknown/upcoming entrants in NJ, Philly, etc.) . Ironic since it's also the land of Soul Fists.
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    Though there are individual players who we'd associate with a character (Fanatiq, Ray Ray, Joker= Magneto, Marlinpie= Viper) If I were to try and go by communities-

    Hulk= Online
    Vergil= Japan (Everyone)
    Dr Strange= Japan
    Trish= Canada
    Spencer= Whichever of SoCal/NorCal Combofiend considers himself now
    Zero= Texas
    Iron Man= Are Alukard and Danke from the same place?
    Viper= Norcal
    Doom= Everywhere
    Captain America= SoCal

    Homeless= Ghostrider. Hsien-Ko's crashing with LLND.
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    WEST COAST- Wolverine, phoenix, Dante
    NORCAL-Vergil, Viper, Strider.
    SOCAL - Spencer, Nova, Sentinel, Storm

    East coast- Morrigan, Wesker, Magneto, Dr Strange, Haggar, Hulk, Dormmamu.

    Texas - Zero

    Florida -Orange Juice

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    Magneto pretty much has to be Norcal even though neither Fanatiq, RayRay, or Joker are in Norcal. No one else in their respective areas play a Magneto at nearly the same level as they do.

    Norcal has FChamp, ShadyK, X-Ray, KBeast, XSK Samurai, Showstopper, Chris Schmidt, etc.
    Magneto/Doom/Dante | Magneto/Doom/Phoenix | Magneto/Morrigan/Doom
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    I'll try to update the OP with characters starting today.
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    Hulk, Captain America - Online
    I don't live in U.S.A., so here in Brazil Iron Man is surprisingly very used. Wesker, Vergil and Doom are also very popular, but these ones are popular everywhere.
    I know that Dr. Strange has a big representation on East Coast (search for Will Richards, the best Strange there).
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    Phoenix Wright: Ireland/Northern Ireland.

    Seimitsu & K-sticks > Sanwa JLF.
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    Every team in Mexico must have one (or more) of Task / Cap / Spencer or it's not legit.

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