Excecution help (noob problems)

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So I figured my first step into SFIV would be to take on the trials to learn characters combos/figure out which character I like. I knew I wouldn't get TOO far, but I figured I'd make it a decent amount.
So far I've been trying Ryu and Ibuki. ....and I can't get the ones as soon as they're actual combos.
I'm stuck on 7 as ryu which is just: cr. mP, cr. mP, cr. hK
and 9 as Ibuki: lP, mK.
For whatever reason, I cannot get the kicks to connect. Dan keeps blocking them, or it hits him, but the combo restarted. I try pressing the buttons early, late, as soon as the attack ends, mashing it, etc. nothing is working for me.
It must be my execution, but I don't know what to do to fix it. If necessary I could potentially post a video, but i'm sure there's something obvious im doing wrong.
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