Evo2013 Side Tournament - $1000 pot bonus LET'S GO!

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Good job everyone!
In case you didn't see the frontpage post, Evo is being super nice to Skullgirls!
- $1000 pot bonus provided by Evo (possibly other goodies from other sources...)
- Top 8 streamed
- Reserved spots in the BYOC room for the side tourney

Since this is a side tourney and I'm running it, HOW ABOUT SOME SEEDING POINTS?
Since SG is now included in UFGT and CEO, which are Road to Evo tournaments, might as well give points to the top finishers in those. (If we can get something going at NCR I could also count that, and I guess SCR too then?)

I'll add more info as it comes, but I wanted to have the thread up ASAP.
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