WTS: MadCatz TE-S All Black PS3 / Seimitsu LS-32

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selling cool stuff! now with pictures!

-- Seimitsu LS-32, non pcb version/open microswitches comes with red or black Seimitsu balltop - $15 shipped

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1908672/candy/SALEs/Photo Oct 28, 11 31 14 AM.jpg

-- Selling a MADCATZ TE-S with ALL BLACK design, not the NAMCO TE, just all black (except for Start &  Select).

It's currently set for PS3 but I can swap it to 360 (all legit TE PCB parts) if wanted. Or if you wanna buy both PCB options I can do that too.

All Sanwa Parts, Black OBSF-30 and Black Balltop JLF.

PS3 setup = $95 Shipped

Let me know if Interested.


- Madcatz Tekken Tag 2 TE-S+ ARTWORK PS3 version

looking for the "broken glass" artwork of the TekkenTag2 TE-S+ for the PS3. must be in good condition.

- Madcatz TE Black Bezel

- PSOne LCD (SCPH-131) - looking for one in good condition, no spine hinge damage, good image.

Sale History

SEGA / Astro City 1L6B *SOLD to Bernie*

Seimitsu LS-33 - $12 shipped (will include SS P=40 Mounting Plate and extra LS-55 Spring) SOLD SANWA JLF - Like new, fresh out of a new madcatz Fightstick PRO. - $22 shipped SOLD

HORI Fighting Stick EX2 shell with Sanwa parts $25 *SOLD to SPs*

- Seimitsu PS-14-G (x4) R/Y/G/B - $8 shipped


- Seimitsu PS-14-G-N (Clear) (x2) W - *NEW/UNUSED* - $6 shipped


HRAP EX-SE SOLD to Dr. Professor

SF x Sanrio Fightstick Pro & Sanwa OBSF buttons SOLD to lanskie

Qanba Q1CUT SOLD to Chad

Sanwa Pink set SOLD to bl33d727

Sanwa Y/DH set SOLD to BartStation

SmokeMaxX hooked me up with a TES+!

Clear Green Madcatz Bezel + Side Panelst SOLD to BBoy Tekken

TE Overlays SOLD to wilverine

PSP SOLD to Dr.Professor

SAT/DC Games SOLD to Age

UMVC3 PS3 SOLD to SergeantGrumbles

Seimitsu Lot SOLD to Enoy

Matsushita switches SOLD to slaycruz

White TE Sides SOLD to Sonic Immora

Black Label TE stick SOLD to Sasuke182

AH2 HRAP SOLD to kaz0001

HRAP2SA with FLASH1 and OBSF-30RG SOLD to MezzoForte

Soulcalibur V PS3 SOLD to SergeantGrumbles

Madcatz Tekken Hybrid Fightstick PS3 SOLD to DinnerRevealer

HRAP EX-SE SOLD to headmasterritual

Seimitsu PS-14-KN/DNK/LB-39 Clear set SOLD to Freesway


MadCatz SE Shell SOLD to PresidentCamacho

HORI Hayabusa & Kuro set SOLD to userSDK

Myoungshin Fanta SOLD to slaycruz

VSHG & LS-56 Kit SOLD to w00fles

TE Shell SOLD to iNENDOi

HORI T5 Panel & TE Bezels SOLD to Gigazord

Seimitsu PS-14-KN Buttons SOLD to Edgar

PS360+ SOLD to RageousX

UMVC3 HRAP  TRADED to headmasterritual

thanks for looking.

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