For sale: PS3 WWE Brawlstick with Sanwa JLF stick installed

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I have a PS3 WWE Brawlstick with a Sanwa JLF stick installed. It still has the original madcatz buttons, and it's easy to mod it and install sanwa buttons if you want. Works great, I'm selling it only because I got the SFxT Pro stick and I don't need this one any more. Comes with original box and packaging. Located in Toronto but can ship anywhere in North America. Buyer pays shipping. Looking for $40 + shipping PM if interested

Here are some pics:

photo 7C0863EE-EF9F-4729-BA59-EE390ADF86EE-19087-00000CD3F66851FD.jpg photo E9D38011-C2BE-4884-B3A4-AB82A719B909-19087-00000CD3E28F9D4A.jpg photo E042B336-68D3-4516-87D8-76580BF74A89-19087-00000CD3D0B8B4E4.jpg

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