[7th of April 2013] Triple Threat Vol.4 (Southampton, UK)

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The next installment of the South of England's Fighting Game series has been announced with Triple Threat Vol.4

We're running tournaments on;
- Super Street Fighter IV AE Ver.2012 (32 cap)
- Street Fighter III OE (32 cap)
- Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (16-32 cap)

We are also the first UK event to be running Darkstalkers Savior (HD) (16 cap) for 100% free entry

Registration opens 12pm-1pm - Tournament runs 1pm-9pm
£5.00 entry per game (SSF4, 3S, UMvC3)
Cash prizes split 70/20/10
Double elimination format
Bring your own stick/pad (no wireless!)
All played on XBOX 360
Casual matches on most other fighters

Keep checking this thread or the Facebook event page for updates on format/rules etc. Also feel free to pm with any questions.


The Orange Rooms
3-4 Vernon Walk
Bedford Place
s015 2ejimage


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