I'm kinda new to this game so I have a couple questions.

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Hello. Sorry If I posted in the wrong forum. Anyways I'm wondering 3 things.

1. How to i tech roll. I can't seem to do it. I thought it was holding left or right. I did that many times and it never works.

2. I also want to know if the unlocking the heroes and heralds costumes (the silver ones) glitch is still viable. I don't really wanna play the offline mode nonstop (not to mention I don't even know how to unlock them in the first place.) Maybe I will ask that too. So how do I unlock those costumes. I have already looked online for most of these questions btw and I can't find a straight answer for any of them.

3. How do I unlock that Magneto costume where he looks like a General. I've seen it online and I like to use magneto so I was wondering about that too.

Thanks in advance! Hope someone can help me out.


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