[Feb 23rd] SF4AE & UMVC3 @ Cactus Jacks - Oklahoma City, OK

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Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2013
Sign up 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM (The place opens at 1PM). Tournament to start at 3PM

Cactus Jack's Family Fun Center
1211 N Council Rd,
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Games List and Consoles:
There will be a one time $5 venue fee for tournament players.
UMVC3 - $10 on XBOX
SF4AE - $10 on XBOX
UMVC3 Teams - $5 per person on XBOX

--Tournament Schedule--
UMVC3 (3 out of 5) - 3PM
SF4AE (2 out of 3, finals 3 out of 5) - 5PM
Random Marvel Teams (explained below) - 7PM
Causals - There will be a few setups (probably PS3) available during the tournament.

I have heard a lot of requests for other games. If there are enough players (8+), I will run that. Generally I have found that we do not have enough of a fan base for other games.

*Random Marvel Teams - This was a suggestion by Matt and I will try it out for our first time. We'll throw all entrants into a bucket. We'll have teams randomly generated in a 2v2 or 3v3 manner (dependent on how many entrants).


  • J CaoJ Cao Joined: Posts: 401
  • J CaoJ Cao Joined: Posts: 401
    1st: CrazyClown
    2nd: Image
    3rd: Ultimate Faust
    4th: Smallpox Blanket
    5th: Entritopth
    7th: Zohta
    9th: FoxStepCEO

    1st: Young Chow
    2nd: AnimeFreak
    3rd: CrazyClown
    4th : Zohta
    5th : J Cao
    Swag Doctor
    7th: Annoyance
    9th: Ultimate Faust
    13th: Image
    Light Year

    UMVC3 Teams
    1st : Young|J Cao|Nigel
    2nd: FU Mr Bear|CrazyClown|Entritopth
    3rd: Mike L|AnimeFreak|Anoyance
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