Newbie: About normals and canceling into specials | How does I combo?

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Hey, I'm new, just picked some fighting games and I'm getting into them, I have seen that I can cancel Kyo's crouching forward D into 236D, but this happens only amidst crouching forward D that is, before the second hit, so I cant use the 2 hits, or rather I dont know how. Is there a reason for this? Am I doing something wrong? How do I figure what can I combo into what apart from long sessions of trial and error?

Thanks in advance.


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    I've never really got into it, but I can assume you're playing KOF since you mention Kyo. It would help everyone else if you mentioned which one you're playing. There's only 13 of those games ya know.
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    From that answer I'm actually going to assume that you cannot use any moment of your normal into a special then, yes, I'm a total newb.
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    yeah, there are limitations as to when and which normals you cancel out of. these properties change depending on if the move was cancelled into, even (kyo's 6B is somewhat slow uncancellable overhead when done on its own, but is a fast cancellable mid when cancelled into)
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    In KOF XIII only the first hit of Kyo's df+D will cancel into specials/DMs. Regular (fireball) Kyo's f+B won't combo out of cl.C, but EX Kyo's will.

    The SRK Wiki has guides for every character, and also lists which of your normals are cancellable. It's really good.

    I've linked Kyo's wiki article:

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    Hey thanks, I'll keep an eye on that wiki, much appreciated.
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