[March 9, 2013] Savage Saturday #15 @ Next Level, Brooklyn NY

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Date: 3/9/2013

Next Level
4013 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(347) 618 - 8813

Xbox 360: Street Fighter X Tekken
Xbox 360: Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012
Xbox 360: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
PS3: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Causal game play: 12pm-7pm
Registration: 6pm-7pm
UMVC3 brackets starts at 7:00pm
SSF4 AE v.2012 brackets starts at 7:00pm
Street Fighter X Tekken brackets starts at 7:30pm
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 starts 8:00pm

-Double Elimination: Basic 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds (Winners, Losers and Grand finals are 3/5 games) Loser of the match can change character. Winners character is locked.
-Seeding/Bracketing: Random (Using Challonge)
-Prizes: 70/20/10% of entry fee split for top 3, if less than 16 players 70/30 of entry fee split for top 2)

Venue Fee: $10 (Covers for the entire day, so you can come earlier for casuals!)
Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012 Entry Fee: $10
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Entry Fee: $10
Street Fighter X Tekken Fee: $10
Tekken Tag Tournament Fee: $10

If you're going to be late to the event, please call the store (347) 618-8813 and leave your name!
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[NEXT LEVEL ARCADE] - 4013 8th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11232 Tel: (347) 618-8813
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    Should be going
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