Street Fighter ae or xT?

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Im gonna pick up one of these after work today and was wondering which one I should get? Is SF4ae old and everyone switching to xT or what? Im not sure if its like CoD every year, sorry lol. Whichever one is going to have the most players online and more focus, especially on streams. Watcshing some intense game footage is where its at, Ive mostly given up television at this point for twitch lol.


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    There are definitely more people on AE than xT. Most people i've talked to don't like xT. Besides, AE has a built up community, so there are plenty of guides to help you on that one opposed to xT which is much newer. and no, it's not like CoD, in fact, some people still play '90s fighters.
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    Maybe you can rent both and try them out; they're both good games. SF4 was my first serious FG and I played it religiously for 3 years. I've pretty much quit it for SFxT, which IMHO, is immensely more fun and engaging for me. Whichever you pick, you'll find people to play with.

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    I 100% believe that SFxT is a better game than AE. However, AE is alot more faster paced than SFxT is. They are both different beasts.

    If you like the closest thing to a Street Fighter game in this generation, get the footsie based xT. If you like a faster paced fighting game than xT, get AE. <--- Friend me <---- Follow UMVC3: Wolverine/Doom/Vergil, Team Nemo SF4: Fei Long, Rolento Injustice: Aquamane, TTT2: AK/Heihachi, Alex/Kuma
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    I can't tell if the above is a troll, but SFxT is almost universally considered the more offensive game (at this point). Not only that, but one of the biggest complaints with SF4 is that it was too slow and defensive compared to its predecessors, third strike and super turbo.

    Anyhow, my advice is to watch some videos of each game, and then choose the one that you like the most. Honestly, they both have strong communities at the moment (SFxT is growing daily). Search youtube for "ae 2012 grand finals" and "sfxt 2013 finals" - that should help out.
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    Get SSF4 AE. It's in almost every aspect better than SFxT imo.
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    If you are a newcommer, I'd recommend SFxTekken. it encompasses a great variety of fighters, greater than SF4. (older SF2,3, III games, versus games, tag team based games, Tekken games).
    I think those that played the older fighters will appreciate it more.

    Or you can focus entirely on SF4 and forget about everything else if you want to be good at that game

    too slow!
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    Since you are new I would pick up SFxT. It's a new game and plenty of people will be new at it like you. Everyone plays SF4 and you will be getting your ass beat for a good while.

    Both are good choices and both are fun games. But as a new player go with SFxT. It has a lot of buzz around it right now since the recent patch and could potentially be big, so get in now while everyone is fresh imo.
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    Buy AE. SFxT isn't going to last as long as people think. Real talk.
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    try both out, but I recommend sfxt. And when it comes to streams you will probably get more solid content with SF4 since no one can really commentate sfxt properly except for a few people.
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    Madness suggesting SFxT for a first fighting game IMO. It's unpopular for a start.

    SF4 has everything you need to understand the core fundamentals inside the majority of fighting games.

    Many players built a lifetime of FG's on the back of SF2 because it was your classic 2D fighter. If you were good at SF2 , chances were you were good at other fighters. SF4 shares much of the same basics to allow you to play other fighters.

    Also if your playing online - SFxT is terrible.

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    SFxT has a lot of systems and the Tekken side of the cast isn't very friendly to new players.
    SFxT online has A W F U L netcode (PC player here). It's just literally unplayable, and I was trying to play with someone only 200 miles away.

    SF4AE will have a harder competition becuase it's been out longer, but it also is a more solid fighting game, and doesn't require you to memorize as many systems at first. The downside is that because it has been out longer, people have developed some pretty mean tricks (nigh-unblockables) that can ruin your first few months of learning.

    AE will have a better netcode/player base overall though. I'm hoping the SFxT 2013 patch isn't far off for PC, I'd like to try that again.
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    sfxt is this generations CFJ. dont waste your time!
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    Cee Dizzy wrote: »
    AE is alot more faster paced than SFxT is.

    This is insanity to me. SF4's entire design makes it a slow ass game.
    Also if your playing online - SFxT is terrible.

    Maybe PC, but you're out of your mind if you think SF4's netcode is better than SFxT's on console. I can never go back to SF4 after playing SFxT. SF4 online is horrible in comparison.

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    SSFIV is much slower than xt
    i dont know what that guy was talking about
    but i like them both
    but i'd have to say go with AE first, get sfxt later cuz you'll need more money for the dlc lol
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    Try both ssf4ae might be abit harder to get into right now since its pretty late in its lifecycle and sfxt is pretty new for the most part
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    A lot of the people voicing their opinions on SFxT haven't really updated their opinions with the patch.

    xT is gaining some steam so both games would be a good choice as they're both relatively easy to pick up.
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    Indeed. I think it's actually pretty fun post patch.

    Regardless, if a large community is what the post wants, AE2012 is the safe bet.
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    Im gonna pick up one of these after work today and was wondering which one I should get? Is SF4ae old and everyone switching to xT or what? Im not sure if its like CoD every year, sorry lol. Whichever one is going to have the most players online and more focus, especially on streams. Watcshing some intense game footage is where its at, Ive mostly given up television at this point for twitch lol.
    In my experience, more people still play AE than SFxT. SFxT is pretty dead in St. Louis at least.

    That said, play the games you like dude.
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    Both games are viable purchases.  SFxT had a rocky release but it's starting to attract a fanbase as old controversy is blowing over and they're patching the game to be more enjoyable.  Give both a try if you have the money, but if you don't, I'd get AE first.  Easier to learn, and in my opinion, "classic" style SF is a great place to start learning.  If you can pick up Super Turbo HD Remix you should do that as well, it's fun and simple and really cements fundamentals.
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    SFxT has a lot more momentum at the moment, for both competitive and casual players. AE is simply getting stale, no one puts much time into it anymore and tournaments feel almost like routine. I still think AE is objectively a better game, but SFxT has more going for it in 2013.
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    Just buy Arcade Edition, man. 
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