Project Justice Thread - HYAAAAAAH!

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Haven't seen a Project Justice thread around, so how about it? Discuss your teams, your combos, your strategies, your favorite characters, match footage and all that jazz!

My current team is Tiffany, Hayato, and Zaki.

My Tiffany combos are:

s.LP, s.LK, s.HP, s.HK, f.HP, qcfx2 HP or HK (HP: 11 Hits, 66 dmg | HK: 15 hits, 64 dmg) I prefer to use her HP super because it keeps Tiffany on the ground and allows for some pressure opportunity.

s.LP, s.LK, s.HP, c.HK, df.HK, jump, j.LP, j.LK, j.HP, j.HK, jf.HP (10 hits, 56 dmg) offers a hard knock down as opposed to ending the air string with a jf.HK.

Hayato combos:

s.LP, s.LP, s.HP, b.HP, qcfx2 HP or HK. (HP: 6 Hits, 82 dmg | HK: 13 Hits, 78 dmg)

s.LP, s.LP, s.HP, df.HK, jump, j.LP, j.LP, j.HP, qcf HP (11 Hits, 61 dmg)

Zaki combos:

s.LP, s.LK, s.HP, s.HK, f.HP, qcbx2 HK (12 Hits, 74 dmg)

s.LP, s.LK, s.HP, s,HK, df.HK, jump, j.LP, j.LK, j.HP, j.HK, qcfx2 LP or HP (LP: 15 Hits, 69 dmg | HP: 15 Hits, 68 dmg) you can do either HP or LP super, but LP knocks the opponent downward while HP knocks them forward.

Obviously they're pretty basic combos, but the combo system's a bit limited and they all tend to follow one or two flows.
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