Is MvC2 still alive?

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Seeing as how since the forum "overhaul" did away with 90% of useful info on the subject I figured I might as well ask here.

      So, is the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 community still around? Meaning are there still tournaments and high level players still competing that haven't moved to UMvC3?
I know there's a rift in the community between these two games, but I just wanted to know if MvC2 was worth purchasing on PSN. I have the game for Dreamcast, but I have no idea if tournaments (if there are any) still use the DC with the PSN and XBL version out.

I'm fairly new to the FGC and I mostly just stick with AE and SFxT, but my best experiences with fighting games revolve around playing the MvC2 machine with my buddies when we were younger. I'd like to relive that in a small way by getting to know the community surrounding this game (again, if there even is one). 
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