The Walking Dead Comic Thread. Also, Books.

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That kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Anywho, talk about the comic. Keep spoilers about the show out of this thread, and keep spoilers about the comic out of that thread.

So 107 just dropped, along with the Governor Special #1. I can't decide if I like Neegan or not. I like his attitude, but something about him seems off.

I'm also reading the Rise of the Governor right now. It's interesting, so far. Already got the Road to Woodbury lined up after that.

Concerning the Governor special #1, don't bother. It's sort of like Michonne's special where it's 2-3 new pages explaining backstory (in this case where/how he got the fish tanks), and the rest is a repeat of the story where Rick and Michonne meet the Governor.

I read issue 107 of the comic. I'm done. Now Kirkman is trying to write Negan (aka Governor 2.0) as a just villain trying to be reasonable and keep some semblance of order. Bullshit. Fuck you Robert Kirkman. Comic should have ended after the Governor arc and continued as a series of mini series about people around the world dealing with the problem. Then it could pick up years later with an adult Carl. 
I think there's more to Negan than that. I think that's just how he's trying to show himself, almost like he's messing with Rick.
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    I still don't trust Negan one bit. I doubt Kirkman is going the route of what Louscipher is saying. But since someone's demise at the hands of Negan they have been slow rolling anything interesting pretty damn hard.
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