What to look for when hitting the lab?

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Hello, guys. I own this game since it's been released and I'm still not very good at it. Since it came out, I've been sticking with Kazuya and mixing his partners a bit so I could experiment. Usually I tend to stick into training mode before jumping online, but all I can do is keep practicing those huge damage combos with EWGFs all over it, but those are never really practical in a match.
Generally, I can hold my own online while playing Kaz, but the moment I switch partners, I completely lose it. So after telling my story, what I wanna know is: what can I do in order to learn playing the game itself, playing other characters, as well as improving my Kazuya? What should I look for in terms of learning curve and sinergy between partners and how to construct that sinergy?
I really hope I made myself clear here. Thanks in advance :D


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    I've been going with Kaz/Paul and I found some ways to bring Paul up starting from an s.LP, as well as practicing some combos of of safer moves, such as Kaz's cr.MK and stuff. I may really need a explanation on how to and what exactly means by hit confirming, as I've been crossed the hell up by those combos that end in the middle and the opponent jumping all over me and crossing me up :/
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    Here's what I am doing at the moment learning several characters at once
    Pick some moves and learn their range and usage (anti air, poke, frame trap, special cancelable pressure)
    Then put together some basic solo BnB's, tag BnB's.
    At least one solo BnB that's meterless with good damage. A jump in version, a jab hit confirm version (look for something that combos high off jab)
    At least one solo BnB that does good damage with 1 meter, we're looking for something in the 400-450 and up range. 
    LMHH boost, follow up-- these will be very scaled so you're likely not really going to switch off because that's a waste of meter Sometimes boosting is an neccessary evil for something quick on the go.
    Raw launch follow ups. People that mash a lot of crouching moves are the easiest prey and raw launch combos can be very damaging especially when you throw in one or two tag switches but the drawback is if you are hurting on life you may not want to sacrifice the red life sometimes.
    Specific raw launch combos for attacks that are very punishable but maybe not by raw launch but you can do something like c.MK xx Tag or s.HK xx Tag
    Anti-Air combos, whether you're air to air or grounded to air types, some characters can combo off it good and some cannot.

    And since you're learning Kazuya, electric wind god fists. They hit hard and they are great combo starters against jump ins. Youtube Kazuya matches and learn where they open people with what attacks. We have some bi-weekly tournaments here and chaoslimits from here does some pretty good stuff too. 
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