So Sorry for silly question was unable to find answer please help

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hi this is a very silly question but im unable to find the info online or on the forum.

Can somone tell me how to have it display what inputs im pressing so i can see what im doing wrong when im trying to do a combo as im trying to do adons  IAJK  and want to know what im missing  and it will also help when im doing anything else. Ive checked the options but im unable to find it (even tho ive watched training videos with it on)  im using a ps3 if that makes a difference.

thanks in advance


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    Turn on input display in traning mode. It's incredibly easy to find.
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    Start > Training Mode > Input Display (set to "On")
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    thx guys  A+ got it working now from your advice 

                      (felt so silly asking)
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    RaGoPanda said:
    thx guys  A+ got it working now from your advice 

                      (felt so silly asking)
    Well it is a kind of silly question but no question is too silly for the Newbie Saiko Dojo. :)

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