[March 6] South San Jose - SouthSideNoobs Casual Tournament - Looking for 1-2 more~

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Hey guys,
We're looking for one or two more people to join our in-house tournament.  We're a group of friends trying to expand our network.  We're laid back, not uptight, friendly and love to discuss SF.

Our setup:
PS3 with two TE fight sticks (you can bring your own)
42" LED Panasonic TV (in Game Mode)
HDMI splitter -> we're going to record and commentate and maybe live stream it for fun. 
We do this for fun and we would love to hear your feedback, tips and suggestions.

We're not pros, but we're not bad either. 

Its going to be $10 to enter, or $5 if your budget is tight.  Winner takes all. 
We'll also have a bottle of Jack Daniels for shots (if you want and if you're over 21).
Its a group of friends, in a house - no noise restrictions, good amount of parking and easy to find.  Located near PEARL and BRANHAM in South San Jose.

We have about 7-8 people, its going to be capped at 10-11.

We usually start around 7-8PM

Email me if anyone is interested - southsidenoobs@gmail.com
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