Play SSF4AE using a keyboard on PS3

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I have got used to playing SSF4AE on PC using a keyboard, and due to the fact that it will take me a few months to accomplish the same on a PS3 controller, I wanted to know if it was possible to play the game on PS3 using a keyboard. I am willing to buy an adapter if that's what it takes. I thought on buying an arcade stick to play both on PC and PS3, but then I am having to my previous problem, having to learn how to use it. Not only that but a decent arcade stick will cost me around $100-200. Anyways, I plan on using a wired keyboard (ms sidewinder x4). 

Thoughts,tips, and advises are appreciated. 



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    Maybe get a hitbox(all button controller) or build one? I made one but used all 30mm buttons, got better than I was with a ps3 pad.
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    Here is an example of something that you could build.  Not sure of what your keyboard setup is like, but if you got a bunch of 24 mm buttons and arranged them to how you play on a keyboard. There are a lot of ways you could go about it, but I would suggest that you start with reading

    and for a controller pcb you could use a PC/PS3 Cthulhu.
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    this is mine by the way. HRAP3 with 4 square SANWA buttons
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    If you're willing to sacrifice a keyboard, you can probably wire the keys to buttons.

    There's also the possibility of keyboard -> microcontroller -> controller PCB.
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