Scrub here, can't use stick

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I grew up playing 3rd strike on a dualshock and eventually made the switch to stick.  I'm a scrub and I don't even think to combo beyond a 3-hit or so during a match, but I did just as well with the stick (an old namco ps1 clunker) as I did otherwise.

I just started actually playing 4 with AE and a hori fight stick 3.  I'm getting my sh!t handed to me.  I have literally won 1 match out of dozens.  One dude even sent me a PM saying "f***ing loser"; it pretty much broke my spirit for the day.  Is this just a bad stick to use?  I can't even execute simple 214214 supers, much less vega's 3-12357.  It feels like I keep getting caught in the corners or something.

On a side note: I'm playing with a dualshock for now and trying to learn my first charge character.  Is that a bad idea?  Because I'm having a pretty tough time with simple charges.


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