Platform Features, DLC, Etc (PC or PS3)

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So I've made the decision that I want to buy this game. And since I would be buying it I would also probably immediately buy all character DLC at minimum as well, and any smaller $5-10 DLC purchases might get thrown in on top.

But what has me hung up now is HOW to buy SFxT. I am open to either a PC or PS3 purchase, but the differences in feature availability between platforms is very confusing. Additionally I can't figure out what the total price would be to get the game+DLC for PC vs game+DLC for PS3.

The most important feature for me is partner play (the ability to play with a fried on the same team) and I also want this as an online play feature. I think I read XBOX doesn't allow this. Can I do this with both PS3 and PC or just PS3?

How about DLC characters? Are they all available to both? Are the prices for the DLC packs the same? Or should I be buying the Street Fighter 25th anniversary to get a good deal on SFxT with all DLC? Is all DLC even included in the SF25A box? I've heard that it is and heard that it isn't.

If anyone can help me out here I'd appreciate it. I've tried googling a lot of this information but the price listings are all over, and the feature listings are impossible to confirm on a platform level.

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