Nubytech Street Fighter stick mod question

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Ok I just got a Nubytech and I put in a PS360 pcb. I took off the cable that came with it ( PS/xbox), but Im wondering can I use this cable with a RJ45 end?  This cable has 13 wires and Im thinking I would need 2 RJ45's ends.  Just wondering if anyone here has tried to do this?  The funny thing is I dont even have a PS1,2 or Xbox any more but I still want to try this.   Right now I swaped out this cable and Im using a Xbox usb cable with my PS360 pcb and everything works great( for both my  PS3 and 360), but I would like to know if anyone had success with making the cable that came with this stick a working cable with the PS360 pcb.





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    Traditionally people made PS1/PS2 RJ45 Cables and OG Xbox RJ45 Cables.
    I don't know how the wiring is like in the Nuby Tech's Street Fighter stick.
    If you got a multi-meter I suggest start testing each pin with what wire goes wear on each plug.

    compare your results with the guide on the following thread
    RJ-45 Multi-Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial V.2

    P.S. Don't trust anyone else color to pin assignments when it comes to controller cables. Often these colors will change, especially with 3rd party controllers. Some brands change colors around even on 2 identical models of controllers.
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    Thanks Darksakul, I'll do that.  
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    Hey Darksakul I got me a multimeter and tested all the wires and this is what I came up with. 

    image  image image

    The Nubytech cable has 12 wires so I test them and split them in to 2 RJ45 's  I have not had a chance to test them out yet but I have notice that if I have bothe ports pluged into the PS360+ (USB and RJ45) the pcb will not light up.  I use the USB for my PS3 and 360.  I connected a 360 cable to the USB port becaue I like the breakaway feature.  I guess I can just put a RJ45 on the end of the 360 cable. I was really hoping I could use both but from the looks of it its either or .  oh well....... Here's a look of inside and storage part of my case.

    image  image image

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