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Hello everyone! I'm getting back into my fighting game mode, but I'm getting a little bored of AE. I was hoping for a recommendation for a new game to try out and I was thinking P4A, however is it worth the money or should I go with something more like xT?
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    This is too open-ended a question to get a good answer. We can't make these sorts of decisions for you.

    ArcSys fighters are way different than Capcom fighters.

    In my opinion Guilty Gear is a much better game than P4A, and much more fun. And you don't have to have amazing execution to play it either if you pick the right characters.

    SFxT honestly is probably what you want if you just want to dick around. It's a lot like SF4 in terms of what you can do so you won't be too much like a fish out of water. That said, P4A is fun and if you want a change of pace, go for it. But don't pick a bad character.
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