Marvel 101: The UMVC3 Basics Thread



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    When you have 2 meters, the THC will only consist of the first two characters
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    He only had 2 meters and the game allows you to do a THC with just 2 meters. It just won't utilize the 3rd character if you use a THC at only 2 meters.

    You can also do this with 3, 4 or 5 meters by calling an assist first. Then after calling the assist immediately do the THC while the assist/character is locked out for use. The game will just default to the 2 characters that are available and only spend 2 meters.

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    Technically you can even do a THC with just one character. (That's how people cancel out of Wesker's gunshot and other stuff.) Why this is allowed is beyond me, but it's a thing. Just can't have more than one meter (assuming your teammates are still alive).
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    So I'm trying what deviljin said above and I can't seem to get it
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm using doom/Dante/ammy for this trick
    I whiff ammy assist while footdive loops. Once I land, I wait for the assist OK to appear on Dantes life bar and then I THC. But ammy appears in the THC too.
    Would like to know how to fix this. Thanks
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    Yeah it doesn't work when you have 3+ meters, not sure what DevilJin was saying there. Pretty sure you'll always get all 3 characters.
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    aw well, guess i'll have to whiff snapbacks now
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    he will spread as many tall tales and lies necessary to bring down the greatness that is marvel
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    When you do a jump cancel like say c.l c.m c.h jc m do you simply press up and hit m or is there more to it?
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    Yes that's all there is to it, just press up during the window of a jump cancelable move.
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    Kaori wrote: »
    When you do a jump cancel like say c.l c.m c.h jc m do you simply press up and hit m or is there more to it?

    Trons gustaff Fire is jump you do it by pressing forward medium for her to do gustaff and then press jump and she will immediately jump. Keep in mind that you have to hit them, be it on block or a direct hit in order to cancel it. If you do it and it whiffs you can not cancel it
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    Ok thanks, I'm trying to learn on the Storm Trag combos and keep having a problem with the jc m, h, s part. It only connects in the corner but in the forum doesn't say it is a corner combo. I usually download videos of combos and watch them in slow motion or frame by frame to pick up timing, little intricacies etc but can't find a video of this combo ;/
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    from REDDIT and Minibawse..
    MiniBawsePHDoom 41 points 1 day ago*

    Due to how niche marvel is among the fgs in general, I would like to touch on some things that makes marvel fundamentals a little different than other fighting games.

    The main differences are assists, one touch kills, and generally the speed of the game. Yes you need spacing and yes you need reads etc like many other fighting games, but even these differ in many regards.

    First lets look at some key points. * 1) Momentum- Generally, marvel is an unforgiving environment. Losing screen positioning shifts a 50/50 offense/defense ratio to that of a 20/80 once cornered. In a game where one touch kills and extremely difficult to block incomings dominate the meta, that first hit is probably the most crucial. To understand how to maintain momentum, one must understand a few key points.

    Positioning- even at the 99 sec mark, a chess game is being played by two players vying to start their game plans. Generally offensive players with offensive characters move forward towards the player to abuse their opening gambit options. Players would typically respond to this with option select grab tech backdashes tho there are counters to this for some characters. Other forms of 99 sec mind games come in the form of the shimmy. Players who know their characters lose the opening gambit usually try to bait the player to follow them and then try to move over and under them to get to the other side. This is especially apparent vs a hulk matchup. A hulk walk speed generally cant catch up to characters walking back, but if they jump towards them, the ground covered is much more immense. However a player that knows this can fake a retreat and then walk forward under hulk as hes jumping, thereby creating space through a 99 second pre game fakeout. Every advantage is necessary to get ones game started and generally going for hard reads such as thor command grabs is not preferred.

    U want to start the game in what goldenboyneo calls the 'box formation'. At any given moment in the game, you want to be around a distance where you can punish opponent mistakes and simultaneously be far enough where their normals would not normally hit u. If they move forward, u try to keep the 'box' from getting smaller by moving back. If they superjump, u move under them. If they retreat, u advance. However once u reach the corner or they reach the corner, positioning shifts accordingly to one of higher defense or higher offense. A cornered player has access to less resources due to the fact that their assists have no where to be called except right next to them which puts them in a position prone to happy birthdays. In this situation the general consensus is not to fight back from the corner, and try to establish midscreen control and thus reset the box formation. However, players on the offense generally want to increase their assist calling at this point and try to force the opponent to remain in the corner for as long as possible. For example, a doom on the ground pushblocks a magneto overhead. Then the cornered doom can super jump, but a mags player will generally anticipate and meet them with a jump air h option select throw. If doom blocks and pushblocks, he is still at a disadvantage due to the fact that pushblocking from the corner doesnt get opponents far enough to regain midscreen presence. From here its up to the doom player to either stall with projectiles or bait the mags player to go where he thinks the doom player will be. Champ for example, generally superjumps a second time but dashes down immediately. The mags player will follow him up the screen, thinking he'll try to fly and dash away. But then champ will just dash under him as hes in the air. Its all a mental game to create openings for oneself to restablish the midscreen positioning. Momentum will never favor the player cornered due to his limited options on fighting back.

    Resource Management- Marvel has a significant focus on managing resources. These vary from character to character, but knowing what tools to use and when not to use those tools can really shift an advantage for or against a player. In a typical hierarchy, the most important resouces follow as such. XF3 -- XF2 -- Character -- XF1 -- Meter -- Snapback -- Tac -- Resets This will vary depending on team and situation, but generally a player for example, would not want to spend xf1 just to kill an opponents point character because xf2 and 3 are a more valuable resource. You generally don't want to reset because the opponent can tech any direction while calling their assists or wake up invincible team super, which shifts the momentum against u. A snapback would generally be favored more because not only are the incomings in this game ridiculously hard to block, the opponent would not have access to assist calls for a short period of time allowing u to abuse your advantage. Note that this is a general resource list and does not apply to every situation. For example, if u have vergil with missiles killing a dante and u have one bar left, whether or not u should spend that last bar to kill depends on the situation. What if they have anchor strider with xf3? Killing dante would leave u with no meter to fend off a potential x factor reversal. Should i snap? Probably not because youd probably end up in the same situation except with strider xf2 AND dante assist. Tac? Maybe, but are u willing to let dante live if the tac is broken in which he'll probably dhc out into legion anyways and the neutral is back to where it was. This is where resets are probably more valuable than meter, tac, or snapback. Due to vajras slow startup and the opponents unwillingness to put strider out there, a player would generally not call strider during the reset. From here, if the reset fails, you are still put in a situation more favorable than having a tac broken since u still have missiles and vergil with momentum from the reset. If it succeeds, u have access to a bar that can be used to stall out strider and come up with a gameplan to prevent his x factor. Take resources on a case by case basis. Teams, opponent options, and health, etc, all factor in to when to use which resource and at what time. Understanding momentum means u would understand when to or when not to pop xf2 among other things.


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    2) Neutral - Marvel neutral is not pokes or dashdancing. Its centered around not getting hit. The mechanics of this game make initial hits and full death combos such an important aspect of the battle that losing a point war can usually spell death for an entire team minus xf3 comebacks which is a different matter entirely. What are some of the things that would allow u to succeed in marvel neutral moreso than in other fgs?

    Opponent options - This should be pretty clear but many players tend to forget opponent options during the flow of the battle. Many magneto players move without purpose, and try to implement similar tactics against all variety of characters. Doom players try to hard kick pressure against players with lariat or a thor mighty smash alpha counter. Its important that you understand what your opponent is capable of before establishing your flowchart or gameplan. Every boxdash dolphin kick behind beam should give u insight to an opponents habits. Do they pushblock? If so, do they pushblock late? Do they tech the grab after or would they fall for the dash up jabs? A spencer dante player just built the second bar. Hes probably going to team super sometime. Ghost rider has three bars and x factor and I only have vergil dante. I probably shouldnt helmbreak him here. The player im playing is...speedy?...patient?...nutty?...autopiloting?...etc. Know your opponent options first during the neutral. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the first hit in later matches. Always attack with the intent to learn.

    Assist Calling and the Turn-Based System- Marvel is generally a game of taking turns attacking and defending behind assists. Some characters can attack more often than others, and some are more defensively oriented but thats a case we'll get into some other time. Lets take a wolvie akuma vs a magneto doom shell with plasma beam. First turn belongs to wolvie. He divekicks calls tatsu and magneto blocks the low midscreen and pushblocks wolvie away. Now wolvie takes a risk if he goes in solo since he can get counter called by beam. If wolvie goes for berserker slash without assist and magneto calls beam and pushblocks wolvie, wolvie gets pushblocked away from the doom assist, doom hits him, and magneto confirms. This is what we call a defensive assist call, used primarily by Justin Wong. Continuing on we move to turn two. Magneto can jump after blocking the tatsu mixup, dash up, fly, and plink over wolvie while calling a beam, thus creating a mixup. Or he can attempt to slide into disruptor while calling beam and then followup with a high low. These are called offensive assist calls. You put your opponent in blockstun with your point character, your assist locks them down, and you follow with mixups. Most players use this tactic. Turn three. Lets make this turn a little more integrated than the others. Lets say tatsu and beam are available for both sides. Magneto attempts an instant overhead while calling beam. Wolvie pushblocks the overhead, then calls tatsu right before the beam hits him. Magneto tries to follow the beam in for another mixup. When beam finishes, tatsu comes out right as the animation of the beam goes away. Magneto tries the second overhead as beam is finishing and gets pushblock again, but this time tatsu comes out and hits him, and wolvy goes into berserker slash and into berserker rage to confirm the combo. The turn system maintains, but the assists were weaved in much more closely and inconspicuously during an opponents assist call. The magneto player here should have backed and and thrown more mag blasts to avoid any issues such as tatsu. He overextended his turn and inadvertently lost a character as a result.

    Each assist calling tactic has its own strengths and weaknesses. Offensive assist calls are prone to happy birthdays. Lets say nova does low m, into centurion rush light while calling beam (aka the marvelo). This is done because it denies block and pushblock and confirms if hits. Its a great option select right? What if he does it against spencer and spencer bionic arms before the low m even connects. Now he basically lost both characters trying one "safe" sequence. Some characters can bypass this issue like strange raccoon by teleporting while calling log trap which would always avoid the happy birthday and subsequently lead to a mixup but depending on the team, there are still ways to counter this. Like what if modok shield was out while he was teleporting? Strange would be punished for his teleport and raccoon assist will be nullified at the same time.

    What about the defensive calls. Lets use vergil dante. Lets say vergil jumps and calls dante in response to nova coming in with a boxdash, but nova does it behind cold star. Vergil pushblocks and waits for jam session to stop any nova approach and stuff ammy assist at the same time. But the nova player dashes in to deny the pushblock fast enough to jab dante out of his jam session and simultaneously put vergil in block stun. Now vergil lands, blocking, into coldstar, and gets opened up by a high low mixup. By defensively calling an assist without taking into account how an opponent can prevent your assist, forces your turn to end earlier then expected and what should have been a neutral-even scenario now heavily favors the oppressor whose offensive assist call trumped your defensive one.

    As a side note there are two other kinds of assist usages in which i will briefly address here. One is to use an assist as bait. Lets say I am ghost rider vergil. I call rapid slash assist against a nova who uses low m to hit vergil and attempt to kill him. As a ghost rider player, i do a low h sweep to hit nova and punish him using my ranged normals. I have just baited him to attack my assist and got a free hit in on nova. Another assist usage is uncommon is that of long term assists like missiles, drones, bolts, etc. These assists are not so good offensively or defensively but will always allow the player who protects them to have two turns as opposed to just one turn. Although bolts is easy to duck under, it prevents other assists from being called and controls the screen for a much longer period of time than beam would. These assists are mostly used for stalling and slow advancement but can be used offensively if the opponent does get caught under its pressure. They cannot be called defensively most of the time, but are great for getting free space to move around once out.

    Conditioning - This is a really underutilized aspect of Marvel. During the neutral, a player should always feign habits to make the opponent think in a certain way. This can be done offensively and defensively as well. Lets say you are justin wong. He offensively conditions a player to think about low jabs with wolverine and storm because he does it 99% of the time. He goes high one time during the entire set early on and never does it again. Suddenly the player stops thinking about the low and starts trying to guess the high low. Justin Wong went high once, and suddenly everyone's feets gets clipped again even tho he knows he'll never go for it again. Thats when u know youve been conditioned. The thought of the high sets up every low that justin wong hits after because knowing he CAN hit high is enough to create doubt on the defending side, especially if the single high actually hits. How do you do it on the defensive end? Lets take an incoming example. First time haggar tries to do a cross up violent ax incoming after killing the opponent's point. Lets say the second character coming in is vergil. Vergil helmbreaks. Haggar gets hit. Vergil dhcs into sphere flame but couldnt kill. Haggar pipes doom later on and tries to snap vergil back in. He knows this vergil might helmbreak like last time so he does lariat on incoming. Vergil blocks and pushguards him away. The vergil player defensively conditioned the haggar player to think he was going to swing because he did it the first time, and the vergil player knew this and took advantage of it to get out of incoming for free. Conditioning an opponent to thinking you pushblock a certain way, that you come down from the air a certain way, that you call assists in a certain way, will encourage the opposing player to follow a set pattern in response to what they perceive as your autopilot. When you change it up and do opposite of what you normally do, not only will they get caught off guard, they will also start doubting their own decisions and thus lower their own morale.


    [–]MiniBawsePHDoom 23 points 1 day ago*

    3) Gameplan and Mechanics - Its really important that a player has a really strong flowchart during a winning situation and understands how to finish a game in a way that is hard for the opponent to come back on. What are some of the tools that can help keep this flowchart going and what are some of the mechanics in the game the players can focus on to bide time as they try to establish this plan?

    Mobility - One has to know wavedashing, plinkdashing, tridashing and even dash dashing (a la smash). Your ability to evade and chase can really determine how well u can keep the opponent from starting their flow chart or help u establish one yourself. But as I mentioned in the earlier post, movement is with purpose and not aimless. Its important to know how to fake out movement patterns by baiting players to enter your airspace, only to go behind them and end up full screen again. Your ability to traverse an entire screen to airgrab a morrigan before her first air fireball L like nemo did vs full screen or your ability to bait haggar air pipes and then dash full screen away with mags just so u can set up repulsion spams can make or break a players gameplan. Sometimes move cautiously and other times move fast. But whenever u move, u have to know what you are trying to accomplish with that movement.

    Combos and scrambles- Although it is one of the highest priority to kill using combos, or tac into death, it is also equally important to know how to recover from a dropped combo. During these scramble situations where two players are trying to recover from a combo flop or a missed conversion a few mistakes arise that many players fall into. One, players who drop combos try too hard to "save" said combo without taking into account the opponents tech direction, assist usages, and how moving forward may end up with the oppressor cornering him or herself. When a combo drops, one should always have a recovery gameplan ready whether its spiral swording up, calling lariat, dhcing safely into the next character or just moving away and reestablishing box formation. Never try to force an issue during a scramble or you will lose. The issue with the person of whom the combo has dropped on is that they will almost always try to turn this into a reversal by waking up with buttons or hardtagging unsafely to save their character. Although this may work, it is much more preferred that the defender tries to restablish midscreen control or dhc out safely without trying to attack their oppressor which may lead to them cornering themselves again. A scramble usually only happens because two players are vying too hard to take advantage of a unprecedented situation. In trish, wolvies, vergils, and dooms, its their tendency to hit footdive, helmbreak, etc whenever the opponent drops their combo. In the comboer's side, its his/her's stubbornness in trying to go for a grab after a dropped bread and butter only to whiff the grab because the opponent teched forward instead of back. Always focus on clean combos, but also keep track of how to reestablish neutral once the combos fail.

    Mixups/incomings/confirms/conversion and option selects - To me getting someone in a recognizable mixup situation is already a win. It doesn't matter if they block it or not. I will keep this short. When focusing on confirms and conversions, always make sure its consistent. This can be seen with champ's hypergrav adjustments during stray missiles that hit an opponent in the air. With incomings make sure u have at least one or two universals that cover at least 2 of the 4 escape options proficiently such as pushblock, late pushblock, block, and hit. Same with mixups. Set up mixups in ways that are easy and reliable such as doom jump buttergun with ammy, mag dante team super, hailstorm into berserker rage etc. This way u won't be improvising half the time and will play your gameplan in a much more efficient manner. if u low with mags, first fake out the high. If u grab command grab with wesker, crouch to make them think of the low. You need to keep your opponents thinking constantly during a setup into a mixup or incoming. By keeping their thoughts distracted, u peel away at their layers and they tend not to think ahead of the game as far. If drones locks someone down, and u tridash with mags, they'll be thinking more about the highlows than the throw option. Make your gameplan safe, secure, but also mentally exhausting for your opponents.

    Also, you want every approach option to cover many options. If you play vergil rocks and u run with rocks on an opponent, you may not know how they respond, so u want to cover all bases. Lets say i dash next to them and then helmbreak option select throw into m teleport with rocks following. If they jump they get thrown. If they block they get crossed up by teleport rocks. If they throw out an anti air jab, vergil gets hit but rocks save him. Its a mixup, relatively safe option, and covers all bases. These are the moments u should always have in your pocket as a contigency plan. You never want to rely on hard reads during general neutral. The focus should mostly be on safe option coverage and clean play with the OCCASIONAL smart risk.

    Honorable mention Anchor Meta- I cannot stress this enough. Always have a way to start your game plan when u have an anchor, whether its vishanti, gimlet, fingerlasers, dimension slash, etc. Know that u don't have assists and u must play to stall until u can find an opening. Never overcommit unless time is running out. Also you must always have a reliable gameplan to stop an opponents xfactor and gameplan. Always be ready with snapbacks, throw guardbreaks, Spiral sword stalling, dhc into astral vision, etc. This games gameplan comes in layers of the point and anchor war. Know how to manage both from the offensive and defensive end.

    I have more to say, but I'd rather not write anymore since I'm going off too much. Have fun with marvel, folks!
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    i found this game in my closet, finally reading this while i fix my xbox to play it or just sell it. good shit getting all this information out here
    "i hit every combo/glitch there ever was the first time i try it, and usually the first time i try doing it after i wake up....but then i don't get it again all day at least.

    ...its like i have real life super meters... " -skisonic
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    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but since all this awesome info just got posted, can we talk about advanced guard for a little bit? Not just advanced guard, but punishing jab strings? I've been playing this game for probably close to 2 years now (only been taking it seriously this last year or so), and throughout my time playing I've had random revelations that kept me going. However, I know there are huge gaps in my gameplay. When you play a true veteran of the game, you can tell immediately because of how helpless you feel, and it's normally in situations where I've been forced to block where it feels as though I can't do anything. Let me organize my questions in a way that might benefit all beginners.

    1) While blocking any given magic series (jab string), aside from x-factoring, can you punish with your own magic series? If I'm not mistaken, all S. (launches) can be punished. However, if they end their magic with let's say a H or 6H, will you normally be able to follow up with your own magic series? Perhaps it's a matter of just sitting down and studying frame data to determine which magic series can be punished? Or is it best to advanced guard and try regain mid screen control?

    2) I know certain moves such as Vergil's H,S,H,S loop can be advanced guarded to get a punish, but is there a rule of thumb as to which moves you can advanced guard to punish? And is there perhaps a rule of thumb of moves which you MUST NOT advanced guard to get a punish? I feel advanced guarding very often gets me into trouble, and I'm also certain that I've thrown away many opportunities to punish my opponent by pushing them away.

    Certainly a lot of this is going to be situational; a lot of this is going to be a matter of frame data and character specific abilities, but I feel confident saying that the hardest part of playing and learning UMVC3 is knowing what to do while blocking. I guess what I'm sort of looking for is almost like a flow chart style guide for what to be thinking while blocking. Perhaps a Do's and Don'ts list for advanced guarding as well.

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    Also, maybe a little advice on advanced guarding vs delayed pushblocking?
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    the general rule is, if you can punish it, don't pushblock it.

    pushblock and advancing guard are the same thing, btw. It is just a way of manipulating your blockstun recovery vs their animation recovery. Whether you wanna pushblock early or delayed is very situational, as different characters have ways to navigate pushblock and you'll have to get a feel for each.

    Pushblocking puts you in a set amount of blockstun from the frame you push on. So your advantage or disadvantage is dependent on the blockstun of the move you pb'd and on which frame you pushblocked. I don't remember the exact amount of frames, just that it's 20-something, but I find that it's less important to focus on the numbers when there are so many variables. pushblocking a character early as they are landing is very different than pb'ing when you are, or you both are. Knowing characters' blockstring options (outside of magic series) and if you can pb them is important, or some solo Spencer will zip you into the corner forever. All of these behaviors can be baited in different ways, though; it is important to both experiment and pay attention to how your opponent is responding to your pb attempts
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    Not exactly what I was looking for man but thanks. However, if anyone else is having trouble with push blocking I managed to find this . Very good stuff
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    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this but here it goes.
    I'm new to UMVC3 and I heard that all the dlc got pulled of the PSstore and I really want to play Shuma (since he was on my team in marvel 2)

    I was just wondering if anybody out there could share me the dlc on PS3.
    I would be more than happy to pay for it.

    sorry if this the wrong place to ask this (I'm new to the whole forum thing) or if your getting tired of people asking but at this point i don't see any other way of getting the dlc than asking on forums.

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    What's the procedure for sharing? As long as it isn't crazy difficult I'll give you Shuma, Jill, and I have a fuck ton of costumes. Private message me so that we don't blow up the forum.
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    So um, I picked the game a few days ago and I'm still trying to figure it out. Sorry if I'm gonna ask questions that have already been answered but I'm too tired right now to go through the entire thread so here we go:

    1. how exactly do you open people up in this game? I feel people can just sit there and block forever. Right now I'm running Viper/Doom/Strider and with Viper aside from the thunder knuckle cancel frame traps I can't get something I can combo out of it. I don't have these issues with games like SF5 or Xrd because there are lots of frame traps and reliable ground overheads. Do I have to go for things like left-right air dash mixups?
    2. is there any moment when you can punish people that attack you in this game? I have a friend that just does LMHS sequences repeatedly and I could punish it on block only if he played Morrigan.

    Right now I'm struggling to find a gameplan for all my characters except Doom because his zoning is easy to handle and I can convert into a big combo most of the time. I have the greatest struggles with Strider because if I start a chain with a light hit confirm with him I can never end up with S, and I also dunno how to play neutral with him. Guess I have to wall cling and teleport the fuck around?
    Also if someone wants to give me an advice on that team synergy, what assist to use for each character etc I'll be grateful.
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    1. It's impossible to just sit and block in Marvel for too long. Grabs are extra dangerous here if you're coming from SF5 cause you can convert into full combos. Left right air dash mixups are generally weak, tridash hi-lows are standard. You can do them with Viper, but she has extra cheap stuff with Burning Kick feints and Viper ball (look them up on youtube), coupled with jump cancelable seismos (which you can do from afar behind Doom beam). Viper/Strider has an unblockable setup on incoming too.

    2. Yes, lots of moments. And just like other games, it's just a matter of learning which attacks can be punished by which. Hang in there, check it out in training, play more, etc.

    3. Strider neutral is very execution heavy, it's about canceling shit into satellite to recover quickly, coupled with dash double jump overheads and tele/wall cling behind assists. Look up Marvelo he was the last I remember to get good at Strider neutral and unlock all the bullshit with satellite canceling to constantly be in your face with mixups.

    4. Team synergy, your team is one of the best for Viper, and one of the top for this game. Doom beam + Strider Vajra is standard. Viper/Doom in general is solid but execution heavy, look up FullSchedule he was pretty much known to get closest to theory Viper/Doom. Strider is another Viper bff assist in neutral, plus you get unblockable setups like I said. I don't know anyone new using Viper/Strider, last I remember was DrewGrimey but he's too far into the past when neutral was different. Look him up though.
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