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Marvel 101: The UMVC3 Basics Thread



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    1. It's impossible to just sit and block in Marvel for too long. Grabs are extra dangerous here if you're coming from SF5 cause you can convert into full combos. Left right air dash mixups are generally weak, tridash hi-lows are standard. You can do them with Viper, but she has extra cheap stuff with Burning Kick feints and Viper ball (look them up on youtube), coupled with jump cancelable seismos (which you can do from afar behind Doom beam). Viper/Strider has an unblockable setup on incoming too.

    2. Yes, lots of moments. And just like other games, it's just a matter of learning which attacks can be punished by which. Hang in there, check it out in training, play more, etc.

    3. Strider neutral is very execution heavy, it's about canceling shit into satellite to recover quickly, coupled with dash double jump overheads and tele/wall cling behind assists. Look up Marvelo he was the last I remember to get good at Strider neutral and unlock all the bullshit with satellite canceling to constantly be in your face with mixups.

    4. Team synergy, your team is one of the best for Viper, and one of the top for this game. Doom beam + Strider Vajra is standard. Viper/Doom in general is solid but execution heavy, look up FullSchedule he was pretty much known to get closest to theory Viper/Doom. Strider is another Viper bff assist in neutral, plus you get unblockable setups like I said. I don't know anyone new using Viper/Strider, last I remember was DrewGrimey but he's too far into the past when neutral was different. Look him up though.
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