Sako Tick Trainning Script for MAMERR



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    Updated first post explaining how to create your own bat file.
    I keep reading stuff about ST revival, about bringing this game back to life...
    Its nice to see big tourneys happening and old top players giving this game a chance again...
    But what we really need is new players... And having a strong scene obviously helps...
    But in my opinion what will really bring new players to our community is good tutorials/character guides so they can learn easily and have something to start... So, actually good players, stop being selfish and write stuff about the chars you know! The wiki is lacking so much basic content... Stop being lazy and do something about it.
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    awesome, thank you
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    This thing is AWESOME, great job! I had to fiddle with it a bit since I seem to have had a newer Mame-RR version. Works when I use the VSAV training package with Mame-RR 139 and then follow the steps as above to copy over the needed files.
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