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Isaac Clarke and Zeus join the cast of All-Stars

DopplesDopples TheFinestBrewJoined: Posts: 99
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If Suda makes a No More Heroes fighting game by teaming up with Aksys, I'd probably play nothing else ever.


  • JocelotJocelot Don't give up! Joined: Posts: 5,438
    They both look great!

    I'm especially interested in Isacc, reminds me a lot of Cole, so I'm definitely down.
    Party Robot!!
    Now my head can spin. I'll be around for a million years, so let the party begin.
    jak d ripr wrote: »
    That shit had me in stitches. Nigga went for all these flashy set-ups and doom was like hold these boots.
  • number1029number1029 Joined: Posts: 3
    I'm just glad we finally got a SMITE rep.
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