GGPO client is unresponsive

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I've been trying to set GGPO up for a while, and have yet to be successful.
Whenever I open the GGPO client, I can't really do anything. When it boots, I have focus on the Jojo lobby, I can see about 9 usernames in the list. 
  • I can select names and challenge them, but I've never gotten a response.
  • I can select games in progress and press a button to spectate, but nothing happens.
  • When I try to go to any other game nothing will happen. I'll select Street Fighter Alpha or the Lobby and it'll stay on the Jojo page.
  • I received one challenge, accepted it, but nothing happened.
  • I can't type in the chat. I can type in the message box, but when I press enter, my message disappears and I lose it

I have port forwarding set up and GGPO is allowed through the firewall. The problem persists when my PC is in the DMZ and the firewall is disabled, so I'm pretty sure it's not related to any of those. For a while I wasn't getting any list of players at all. Someone recommended I downgrade Adobe Air, I did, and the list is populated.
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