Cinderslam 4 May 25, 2013

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Its almost that time of year again for the summer's hottest tournament. The Mississippi crew has pulled together again to bring back another exciting tournament for everyone to come out and join. Cinderslam will be in full force and with the support of everyone once again I truly do believe it will be as successful as the past ones. It should be no surprise to everyone that has attended our tournaments over the past couple years that they are rapidly growing among the south in the fighting game scene. With that said it’s becoming increasingly more difficult on ourselves to stick to our time schedule just out of the sheer number of players entering each tournament. Please try to help us out and be on time so we can in exchange provide you a smoother and less chaotic tournament experience. Fees: $15 for those that take part within the tournament $5 for spectators $10 for each game you take part within Tournament Rules: Double elimination brackets - Double-Blind Select can always be chosen to begin a match. - Winner keeps same character. Loser can always change characters. - Bring Your Own Controller: While there will probably be many players willing to lend you a controller/stick, there is NO guarantee. You WILL be disqualified if you cannot start the match within the allotted time. - There will be ZERO tardiness tolerance. If you do not report to your match within a reasonable amount of time, you WILL be forfeited. - All players are required to notify staffers of the results of their match. - Wireless sticks/pads/remotes will be allowed. However, we require that you pull out your battery when you are not playing to avoid disrupting tournament matches. If you disrupt other people's matches, you risk forfeiting your next match. - Every person is responsible for the functionality of their controller. A "button check" may (and should) be asked for prior to every match. - Pausing or restarting the game/match for any reason, except with the consent of the opponent will result in a forfeit of that particular game/round (whichever is smaller). This includes battery/controller problems. - All disputes will be handled by the tournament organizers. T.O.s must be notified soon after disputes occur. All decisions are final. We encourage everybody to bring any and all equipment if possible (such as full setups which means evo monitors, crts, playstation 3 and xbox 360 systems and games). This will speed up tournaments and help everything run more smoothly. We encourage all people to keep their sticks/controllers/battery packs on-hand at all times as we are not responsible for missing equipment. All tournaments will either be on CRTs or community-tested "lagless" monitors (most likely the ASUS VH236H or VH238H). Tournament brackets will be created with Tio Tournament Organizer. Payouts are standard tournament pay which is: 1st place: 70% 2nd place: 20% 3rd place: 10% The following games will be played at the tournament: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 Tekken Tag 2 Injustice Gods Among Us Mortal Kombat 9 ANY OTHER GAMES WILL NOT BE HANDLED BY US, BUT ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO BE AT THIS TOURNAMENT IF VOLUNTEERS WOULD LIKE TO RUN THEM. WE ARE BY NO MEANS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HAPPENINGS OF THESE SIDE GAMES. Games to be run on the xbox 360: Super Street Fighter 3 Arcade Edition and UMVC3. Games to be run on the ps3: TT2, Street Fighter X Tekken Injustice console will be announced after the community decision has been made. Gaming rules: (SSF4AE2012): Default Settings Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games Loser's/Winner's/Grand Finals are 3/5 games Winner may change Ultra choice (UMvC3): Default Settings ALL sets are best 3/5 Simple Mode and Auto Super Jump: OFF DLC Characters: ALLOWED BANNED: Any glitch which prohibits gameplay. All else ALLOWED As per the official Evolution rule set, winner must SELECT the same team and order, but may hold down an assist button during the loading screen of the game to switch order. (MK9): Default Settings Games are 99 seconds; best 2/3 rounds Non-Finals Matches are best 2/3 games Loser's/Winner's/Grand Finals are 3/5 games No game-altering Kombat Kodes (leads to restart of game) Banned: Kratos, Kratos' Stage, The Street Stage, Hell Stage, Wastelands Stage Usage of anything banned leads to a RESTART of the game All other rules will be announced in the near future. Rules are credited to SmokeMaxx
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