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Any news?

lobo1011lobo1011 Joined: Posts: 6
There was a new update recently does anyone know what changes they made?


  • Evil-Bart2k11Evil-Bart2k11 Bring home the bacon! Joined: Posts: 239
    edited April 2013
    It fixes some online bugs, a Ul issue for the Vita & a glitch involving Zeus' level 3 where you could escape it by going underwater on Sandover & Franzea.

    These are the 1.11 changes according to Seth Killian's tweet. Hardly anything has been changed really.
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  • lobo1011lobo1011 Joined: Posts: 6
    Thank you.
    Oh and there's another glitch with his level 3
    sometimes when just activated everyone dies immediately and then they have to struggle to save their last 1-2 lives and in FFA it can be so much harder
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