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    xbox: Spr0cter
    "Now you listen good and you listen hard buck-o. The next click you hear is me hanging up. The one after that, is me pulling the trigger!"
  • rainlessrainless Joined: Posts: 209
    Might as well add regions as well since it's region locked... >:/
  • tROYISMtROYISM not just an alias. Joined: Posts: 160 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG


    why no character specific forums yet....grrr
  • Christian LeathersChristian Leathers XTianL666 Joined: Posts: 55
    EGN Xtian
    PSN- XTianL666
    XBL- EGN Xtian
    UMvC3, SCV, SkullGirls, BBCS: EX, SSF4: AE, MK9, MvCO, MvC2, TTT2, Tekken6, P4A
  • MrGizmo235MrGizmo235 Joined: Posts: 87
    XBox 360
  • x_Rock_Lee_xx_Rock_Lee_x The God of Thunder Joined: Posts: 632
    'The Way of the Intercepting Fist.'
  • RadicalFuzzRadicalFuzz Invading Pokopon's Courtrooms Joined: Posts: 4,795
    Xbox 360
    The G 39
    Good ol' TEXAUS (Texas)
    I am the one true frog.
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    PSN: Balacktoman
    Reppin' Westcoast Canada
  • SIFUCGSIFUCG Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN : sifuCG

    West Coast. SD, CA.
  • Eric_Z19Eric_Z19 Joined: Posts: 35
    Eric Z19

    Austin Texas
  • Spirit Of BlackSpirit Of Black Nor Cal Joined: Posts: 77
    Xbox: Spirit Of Black (East Bay Area, CA)
    TTT2: F.Law/Jack6 & Heihachi/Marduk
    XBL: Spirit Of Black
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    Southeastern KY
    Current Goal: Working as many jobs as I can, while trying to balance money between important goals and maintaining sanity.

    PSN: ForsakenM
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    UMVC3: Hulk/G-Rida/Sentinel; MK9: Quan Chi; SG: Big Band; UNSR: Not quite sure yet!; MKX: So many good choices!
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    edited May 2013
    Xbox Gamertag:UltimateR0J0
    IGAU:Black Adam,Doomsday,Superman
    MK9:Kung Lao,Ermac,Reptile
  • LiangHuBBBLiangHuBBB Joined: Posts: 2,318
    PSN: LiangHuBBB
  • iqweezyiqweezy Joined: Posts: 12
    Xbox: kenTa688
  • SkyttSkytt Joined: Posts: 6
    Xbox: Jalvim

    SF4: Chun | SFxT: Chun + Asuka | TTT2: Asuka + Hwoarang | KoF13: Kim + Yuri + Iori | P4A: Mitsuru /Chie | Injustice: Catwoman | UMvC3: Dante + Doom + Chun
  • McTeaseMcTease Nay Joined: Posts: 404
    XBL: McTease
    Don't say my car's topless, say the titties is out.
  • *Above Omnipotence*Above Omnipotence Semi-Supreme Being Joined: Posts: 305
    XBOX: AboveOmnipotent
    I'm 2nd. to God's power. I'm the semi-supreme being.
  • FreakologyFreakology Joined: Posts: 16


    JUST got the game 2 days ago and haven't played much. Looking for people to, "mentor" and help me learn the ropes!

    Name is Sam
  • Foofighter_V2Foofighter_V2 Joined: Posts: 1
    Xbox 360: Foofighter V2
  • Leady?Leady? sure you can! Joined: Posts: 441
    PS3: Leady_

    east coast
    Say, don't you think it's pretty? Only when a body is slashed or split open do you see this red color, like roses strewn about. Maybe I'll make that kid bloom beautifully.
  • KPinoyKPinoy Filipino Canadian Gamer Joined: Posts: 23
    PS3: FilipinoN1NJA
    Location: Canada
    PSN ID - FilipinoN1NJA
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    XBL: x Tricky x
  • Leady?Leady? sure you can! Joined: Posts: 441
    edited July 2013
    [double post forgot I posted here. FEEL FREE TO DELETE]
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    Say, don't you think it's pretty? Only when a body is slashed or split open do you see this red color, like roses strewn about. Maybe I'll make that kid bloom beautifully.
  • SkullboySkullboy On Days Like These... Joined: Posts: 12,604
    Add me to the list of PS3 players, yo.
    "Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are."

    Tumblr (NSFW)
  • NaloxoneNaloxone Joined: Posts: 6
    psn cutlazz
  • ArkhamFoxArkhamFox Joined: Posts: 2
    Just msg me if you need to spar with anyone :)
  • DasblackmanDasblackman Currently Aeriqui on all platforms Joined: Posts: 118
    Xbox: Dasblackman
  • Rand0mG4merRand0mG4mer Joined: Posts: 157
    Xbox: Rand0mG4mer
  • GrapeApeGrapeApe Joined: Posts: 37


    Los Angeles
    SS4AE- Fei-long/Yun scrub
    Injustice- Zombie Wrestler scrub
    UMvC3- Spidey/Tony/Dr. Fingerlazerz scrub

    XBLIVE- Dollafidy
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    PS3 :: Mr_TeXican830

    Greensboro, NC
    Injustice Main(s):
    - Lobo
    - Shazam

    Killer Instinct Main(s):
    - Glacius
    - Sadira
  • KunikuKuniku Joined: Posts: 351
    I'm gonna be that guy...

    I have it on Wii U under the gamer tag: Kuniku
  • ZalimisZalimis Big Z Joined: Posts: 37
    PlayStation ID is Zalimis
    Follow Me twitter@Zailmis
    youtube Zalimis
    #livestream twitch.tv/zalimis
  • Teh MorphTeh Morph Seeking friendly games of UMvC3 and SF IV: AE Joined: Posts: 12
    XBL: Teh Morph
    Northern California Bay Area
  • mortiszmortisz Joined: Posts: 30
    edited January 2015


    Complete noob so yeah lol
  • methodone89methodone89 Joined: Posts: 21
    psn: methodone89

    play on the ps4 all the time, but also got the ps3 version if needed
    "My path is long..."
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