DOA5 Ultimate/Last Round Thread



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    Rachel as Millia?
    She should be Baiken to be honest.
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    Does anyone play this game? Would like to get some games with some people on here
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    got damn it, there goes my wallet... Lei Fang on that costume <3
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    Last 3

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    I would have assumed that Marie would have been Rachel instead of Platinum
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    These ASW costume things been messing with my mind since the Noel one. Even if it just reinforces how flat poor Noel is, lmao.
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    edited March 15

    Tina as Bullet looks cool but I wish they changed her hair and added the scar/tan. Bass could've get a Tager/Potemkin costume too.
    Hecatom wrote: »
    I would have assumed that Marie would have been Rachel instead of Platinum
    They kind of announced every character that would be used up ahead:
    Xhominid wrote: »
    The lack of news for Dead or Alive past tournies or any relevant Costume DLCs makes it really hard to find notable news...until now:


    And I keep wondering is this like the 2nd or 3rd collab with another fighting game DOA as decided to choose to represent?
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