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Your Favorite Song in P4A!

KiwiPunchKiwiPunch Joined: Posts: 16
Mine has to be "The Arena Stage Ver.". It's freakin' badass!

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  • iminthenet2iminthenet2 Joined: Posts: 497
    "New Days" is a relaxing song.
  • KoricthegreatKoricthegreat Hes got no health! Chip damage!! Joined: Posts: 79
    Heartfelt cry. I train to it, I fight to it!
  • WWDeityWWDeity Humble Huart Joined: Posts: 251
    Yo, we all know "Reach Out To The Truth" is THE ONE TRUE SONG
    "Huart the Human"
  • SaitsuSaitsu No Longer Fantasy, This Is Reality Joined: Posts: 35,871
    Battle for Everyone's Souls.
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  • DramatixDramatix Could be better. Joined: Posts: 4,607
    "New Days." My other favorites are Princess Amagi, Like The Dragon, Missions of the Brilliant Executioner, I'll Face Myself, and Electronica in the Velvet Room.
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  • hao_chihao_chi Joined: Posts: 2
    Probably Battle Hymn of the Soul, but it's a tough choice because I love Persona music. So many good songs made it in the game, even if they weren't all battle themes. Basically any song from Persona 3 and 4 I'm a big fan of. :p
  • nesstor001nesstor001 luv(sic) Joined: Posts: 53
    Teddie Circus
    cvs2: N Yama/Kyo/Cammy
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  • XZeroXZero Joined: Posts: 1
    Personally I love The Hero from Junes
  • SabinDeusSabinDeus Joined: Posts: 3
    Now I face out
    I hold out
    I reach out to the truth of my life
    Seeking to seize on the whole moment, yeah
  • Rushdown_LiamRushdown_Liam Joined: Posts: 7
    I can really get behind "The Wandering Wolf".
    Also the music from the Instant Kills, I think it's called "Mist"
  • BobMorton13BobMorton13 Joined: Posts: 1
    The Almighty & Heartful Cry
  • tatakitataki misplaced Joined: Posts: 7,706
    I heard this song is in P4U2
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  • NuttaconNuttacon Joined: Posts: 1
    I love Persona 3: Unavoidable Battle, and am a bit sad it's not available as a stage track in P4A - but it pops up in story mode so it's cool.

    It's such a simple guitar riff, but it's sends sheer waves of awesome up my spinal chord, so that's why I like it.
  • AzureXIIIAzureXIII Joined: Posts: 284
    Mass Destruction is hype as fuck.
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