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The House of Crack City of Mayhem King of Fighters XIII Part III Results

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Shoutouts to Sway for finally making it & seeing a few new faces but not playing for whatever reason, onto the results.

1st: PachuKOF
2nd: DJ Huoshen
3rd: Shadow 780
4th: Dynicksty
5th: Mynus
5th: Lazie Freddie
7th: Malik
7th: A3Religion
9th: YPK
9th: FM Sway
9th: Saika
9th: Zeal

Matches can be watched on Bum's archives via twitch.tv. YouTube files will be eventually uploaded & OP will be updated with a link to them once done.

Off-Stream Matches: Dynicksty vs Lazie Freddie & A3Religion Vs. Saika
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