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If you're looking for footage of Northwest fighting games, here's some options:
* Jeff P's stream
* Portland streams
* Vancouver joysticks
* Monthly tournaments
* "Up north"Marvel
* "Drinking and Gundam"
* for all things nintendo and occasionally fighting games and a lot more smash than any of your other channels
* for Idaho's monthly UMvC3/AE tournament... not that anyone cares about Idaho anyway.
* for ae here in federal way
* for events that Shandor hosts
* I'm pretty sure he still uses this account.
* for the anime and poverty games monthlies
* persona and Marvel
* AE and such
* for Tekken and lots of random stuff

And on YouTube:
* Mostly old MvC2, but some other games.

Post up here if you know of others that should be in this list.
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    There is my youtube channel. I will start streaming in the near future.
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