Maxout 5/18/13 Results

RadianRadian pick a top tierJoined: Posts: 645
SF4AE 2012
1st AOA Apocalypse
2nd Axiom
3rd Focra
4th White Balrog
5th Mike
5th BoxBroSG
7th Action Jackson
7th Phil From the Future


1st White Balrog
2nd Black Ken
3rd GetThere1Time
4th Focra
5th KC's Notor1ous
5th Dr. Gatorade
7th Samson
7th BoxBroSG


1st GetThere1Time
2nd Interrupting Guy
3rd Black Ken
4th Paper Markis
5th Xevren
5th Chef


1st Focra
2nd Phil from the Future
3rd NWA Mr. Pancho
4th GetThere1Time
5th Sam
5th PXG Omega Bomber
7th MGF
7th FullBleed


1st KC's Notor1ous
2nd Samson
3rd Prodigital
4th No Alias
5th Axiom
5th MGF
7th Radian
7th Violent Gilgamesh


1st Greyberg
2nd Violent Gilgamesh
3rd Matt Gold
4th Mo the Hawk
5th Blargh
5th Paper Markis
7th No Alias
7th PXG Omega Bomber


1st Roblox
2nd Doppler
3rd FullBleed
4th O'Ryan
5th MGF
5th Toc
7th KB Jhawk

SF video archive here:

UMvC3 video archive here:
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  • conical_mushroomconical_mushroom got my spine, got my orange crush Joined: Posts: 32
    This is like the weirdest MO results I've ever seen...
    XBL: conicalmushroom
    UMvC3: Hulk/Dormammu/Dr. Doom. The best team.
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